Your customer needs to be aware of everything you are offering new products or excellent services, and they also must think about you as the first way to solve something, that is why you need advertising.

LN Review know that other business in the same field as you, may take the lead leaving you behind if you don’t advertise yourself. The client goes to who advertise, if you don’t do it then they won’t find you. If you are not giving a good fight, your competitors will go over you.

Why is Advertising Important?

It is necessary to elaborate a message that is proper to the public you are targeting, but to do it you need to know them first. There is the concept that if you are promoting your services and products is because you are doing right, that is why is so important to advertise in a continuous way. More potential clients will know you thanks to this idea. Your existing clients will know that you are working even if the economy is not at its best moment, and the potential ones will also know it, so you must keep a big appearance to them.

Everything you offer will be known not only the product or service you are promoting because advertising makes the people look in detail. You earn more the trust of the people if they are constantly seeing your name.

When you releasing a new product or service it will have a more wide range if you dominate the moment your message are received by the clients. Part of throwing an event is advertising it. This will allow you to have a better idea of a number of people and to develop a good relationship with them.

Advertise with Us at LN Review

The advertising we provide is the best in the field thanks to a big and working client society and precise information. The new product or service you are about to release will reach more people in a prompt and precise way thanks to the new amount of public we can provide you with our excellent advertising.

We will offer you new leads to your company if you decide to advertise with us. You will have more leads as more time you advert is going. If the right media is used then a certain advert can be very effective and reach all its target public.

Your budget is not a limitation; we can elaborate a good advert based on it to match all your requirements because we work in the same good way with big business or with small companies.

You can choose from a Box, banner or side advert when you promote your company with us. We will analyze which are your best products to promote by thinking with you. Your name will be very adapted to be advertised in a perfect way to our public because we know it.

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Our goal is to help every business man to reach the level he wants by providing him the right advertising.

Contact us at Phone or via email through Email if you are ready to accomplish your marketing objectives.

Advertise with London Review!

Every month our online magazine attracts over a million viewers just like yourself.  Our website is dedicated to bringing people the inside scoop in the latest in art and culture, hot bars and cool pubs, shows, events… and now your business as well.  If you have a London based business you can’t NOT afford to advertise with us and have your business seen by local Londoners every single day.

London Review have a few different ways you can advertise through the site, which includes both on site ad blocks and through original content written about your business goods and / or services.   Below you will find a guide to the various advertising options, as well as what they cost.

Advertising Options

Small side bar ad – 125 x 125 px size, appears in a block of four. This thumbnail advertisement is perfect for the advertiser on a budget.

Large side bar ad – 300 x 250px size, appears at the full width of side bar content with no other ads.

Homepage banner ads – 970 x 90px size, appears as breaks between sections on the homepage.

Article – 1,000 words, would feature on the homepage.

Press release – contact us for more information.

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