About us

This is LN Review, the social media orb for cultural happenings in Europe’s best capital city London!

We’re basically here to do the hard work for you, posting our refined selection of events in and around London guaranteed to tickle your social sensors. We are the connoisseurs of everything, welcome!

LN Review’s radar covers exclusive club, film and theatre events, as well as everything that’s new in art, music, media, dance and fashion. Whatever’s going on, LN review will be on the frontline to give to my first hand experience of what’s worth the time and money, it’s my job to help you find the London you’ll love!

“Oh, I love London society! It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what society should be.”

– Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband, 1895

We ignore the tourist trapping, money sucking attractions and seek out the coolest of London’s urban adventures. Whether it’s new music, quirky art functions, exclusive pop-ups, great deals on places to eat or those not-to-be-missed weekend events, LN review are at the frontline to give you the latest ‘cultural exposé’!

Are YOU the next best thing on the London scene? Write for me!

London is large and much as we’d like to experience everything, we can’t be in multiple places at once. So, LN Review is scouting for guest-writers looking to network with their community and promote themselves as artists or as a local business. So, if you’re an emerging contemporary musician, or if you’re offering the quirkiest, organic cup of coffee to date, or anything and everything in between – we want to hear from you!