The reveal of Michelin star restaurants for Great Britain and Ireland is always a big event among chefs, restaurateurs, foodies and followers of culinary endeavours. This is not surprising considering London prides itself as being one of the big scenes for fine dining worldwide.

For more than a century, the French company Michelin has published a series of guidebooks for diners, which gives commendatory stars to restaurants globally for excellence in quality of food, service and overall premises. Michelin represents the standards authority for a fine dining experience. This article lists a few London restaurants starred in the recent release.

1. The Five Fields

The Five Fields in Chelsea received a Michelin one-star rating. The restaurant was rated because of the high-end experience of its staff. Chef Patron Taylor Bonnyman once worked at the two-star-rated Corton in New York, and as the head chef. Maguerite Keough was at Berkeley with Marcus Waering. In their own words, the goal of The Five Fields is to “create contemporary, seasonally driven, and ingredient led dishes”.

This exclusive restaurant typifies the tendency for minimalism and casual dining in London, but boasts of many loyal customers. A three course meal costs £60.

2. Ellory, London Fields

Also rated one-star, Ellory is the newest restaurant added to the list and is the only one in the East London area. Many critics are drawn to the restaurant not only for its rich wine collection which pairs nicely with the seasonal menu, but for its former Mayfields chef, Matthew Young. The food is bold and will easily rival many bigger restaurants in London.

Ellory is definitely an elegant restaurant rising in the lucky London Fields. The main meals range from £14 to £17.

3. The Ritz, Mayfair

Finally, The Ritz has been awarded a star! In the past, a lot of diners had often asked why The Ritz did not receive a one-star. Known for its high-end menus, the restaurant gets its inspiration from traditional dishes using Escoffier-inspired typical recipes. It also develops its own delicate fresh gourmet cooking.

Executive chef, John Williams, has been working wonders in the kitchen in recent years and the Michelin award has been long overdue. Main dishes at The Ritz cost around £40.

4. The Ninth, Fritzovia

Since it opened last year, The Ninth has been quietly building a sound reputation in Fritzovia. Guests to the restaurant are wowed by its a la carte menu, which focuses on the finest seasonal produce and exciting honest flavours. The chef, Jun Tanaka has received Michelin awards in previous restaurants, but this one-star will be his first time alone.

The Ninth’s specialties include home-cured meats and fish, hearty French classics with Tanaka’s trademark fresh twist, and well-thought out vegetable dishes that are more than just side meals. Small plates at the restaurants go for £10, while larger plates are £20.

So if you are looking for that exclusive dining experience in London, try one, or two of these restaurants and see for yourself. Who knows, you just might get hooked!

Michelin Star Restaurants In London
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