Recent Tube Strike

During the just concluded strike, Londoners were challenged on how to move around the city. Uber once more seized the opportunity and was accused of highly inflating its fares as a result of demand. Even though Uber has transformed the way consumers use transportation, its current behaviour will not give the company any advantages in regards to business travellers who require a reliable and dependable service to get them from one point to another in a timely and cost effective manner. TFL has predicted a possibility of two more tube strikes to be underway in August, when that time comes; it’s more likely that many people will be steering away from Uber.

Uber throughout the years

Uber has been on the rise in the past year, thus industry commentators have posed a question of whether Uber is likely to change the corporate travel market together with the consumer market. For instance, for a business traveler who loves using Uber in their personal life, what should stop them from reaching for the app during a business trip to London? This allows them to save their company some cash and also avoid the trouble of looking for a cab locally. Uber further falls short in several areas of what the corporate expect from a ground transport provider. It also lacks advanced booking service that will turn off most of the corporate travellers who have to be sure that their taxi will be ready at their preferred time with the engine running in order to get them to a meeting in time or to catch a flight. A very worrying statistic currently revealed that 20% of Uber drivers don’t show up.

The Downside

The simple process of screening drivers as was written in the financial times implies that travel managers and Human resource teams will warn their staff not to use Uber as a result of the potential duty of concerns on care. In recent weeks, there have been reported issues including Uber customers’ credit cards being on sale. This is Money said that trips that customers have never taken before are being charged on the credit cards. Many business travellers treasure ‘meet and greet’ service during pick up by a driver at an airport arrivals hall, as this helps them to move from one place to another quickly and gives reassurance while in a new city, Uber doesn’t offer this.

Business travellers also require coming up with instant contact with a real person in case a meeting runs on or there is a change in plans. Uber is not the future of ground transport for businesses but instead it’s identifying ways to assemble the bits of Uber together with the professionalism and great service that the top taxi firms can offer at a very competitive price. Currently, there isn’t a business strategy built that is fully concentrated on giving corporate clients with a safe online booking ground, found on the web and mobile with access to several well vetted ground transport partners that are secure, dependable, full of knowledge and very competitive.