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We Receive New Writers to Collaborate

We receive with open arms to everyone who would like to collaborate with us by using their writing skills; they don’t need to be the greatest writer in the world with the biggest resume. Working with us will help you to grow as a writer, you will find out as soon as you start.

You will receive the best advice and how to improve the way you communicate your ideas thanks to our excellent editors who will evaluate everything you post on our website. You will reach a bigger audience thanks to our great community; this is the opportunity you have by posting as our guest. Your messages will among our content that is read by thousands of people around the world to look for improvement in their lives.

Experienced Writers are Welcome

Thanks to the guest writers who post their content on our website our readings are provided with new ideas. Thanks to the different kind of writers that work on our site, our readers can choose from a wide of subjects to read. You will be able to get in contact with new readers every day thanks, to our enormous public.

What LN Review are Looking For

Take your time to check all of our sites and see the concept behind our style and to prevent sending content that has been already worked in previews posts, do this previously to start writing an article and send it.

The article you send us must be new, informative and written by you, make sure of that. Mention the author of a quote you make in your article, because we have a strict politic against Plagiarism. You will be investigated if you decide to post your own personal site, however republishing is not allowed.

To make your article good texts to read verify the orthography and punctuation as well as the writing itself.  So you can be found more easily remember to use words that people will employ to look for something to read. The first lines must offer a good description of the content and you must use a great title.

The extension of the test must go from 500 to 1500 words and you can use an image if it is ok, that are some of our settings. A possible reader may decide to go and see your article if it has the proper images and if they are attractive.

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The London Review is the Londoner’s first choice for reading about the latest events, trends, hot nightclubs and cool pub openings and so much more in our wonderful city. We at the London Review are always interested in new contributions and ideas as well as fresh voices to add to our growing publication. Writing for the London Review would give you the opportunity to self promote, plug a blog or website, show off your creative talents, promote local business, and display your love for our city.

If you have a piece you feel fits with the London Review, you are welcome to submit it for our consideration.  Be sure to read over our submission guidelines below, and get in touch with us via our contact page.

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Submission Guidelines:

  • All Submissions must be the original works of the submitter and must not appear elsewhere on the internet.
  • Written submissions must be between 800-1200 and proofread, ready for publication.
  • Written submissions must be web formatted, and as such employ the use of lists, headers, and breaks (where applicable)
  • You may include a small author bio and a link to be included with your submission. Links must not be affiliate links.

You will be notified of your content going live if our editors deem it appropriate.   After publication, you should promote your post and London Review via your social media accounts, as well as check your submission for any reader comments and questions.