Technology analysts have become integral part of every company. They usually specialize in certain field and offer their expertise to companies by advising them on how to invest their IT budget. Their job focuses mainly on investigating the latest innovations in the industry and recognizing the potential of the newest trends. They create detailed analysis that help them predict the future developments in the business, research the market and find ways to help the business grow. Be careful not to confuse them with the financial analysts who are more preoccupied with the budget in general. The technology analysts tend to give direction to the business and make sure it keeps its course through the entire journey in the complex world of technology.

Technology Analysts, loved or despised?

However, the role of the analysts stirs the business area and people have mixed feelings about the conurbation they give. Some believe that the technology analysts are crucial for the progress of the company and are inevitable segment of every PR campaign. Others tend to question their objectivity and are not really sure about the role they have. If we define them as ‘Marmite of the PR industry’ then the interpretation is open for comments and they can be either loved or despised. The question remains – why are the views on the analysts so different? How can you decide who you should listen to and whether you should make the analysts part of you PR team?

The main reason why technology analysts are so widely criticized is because of the connection they have with the sellers of technology. Therefore it is difficult to tell whether the analysts can remain objective in the expertise and provide an unbiased opinion.

Despite the different opinions we all have on the role of the analysts we can’t really dismiss them as irrelevant factors for the growth of the business.  Gartner, Forrester, and Yankee Group are just a few of the many market commentators that make a difference and offer useful and practical advices.

Advantages of Hiring an Analyst

We have witnessed a lot of cases where many big deals are successful just because the analysts did a great job. Therefore many businesses decide to use the services of companies such as Yankee Group or Bloor. In addition the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave have enjoyed a lot of respect on the market and they have significant influence on the decisions the buyers of technology make. Based on the information provided so far it might be a good idea to think about having an analyst on your team that will boost your performance.

Another pro argument for the benefit of having a technology analyst on your team is the fact that these people have a tendency of building strong relationships with the media. Very often journalists need to gather more information on a certain technology and they almost always need the views of an expert. This claim is supported by the fact that technology analysts are regularly quoted in the b2b technology media and other means of reporting.

You are probably wondering how much the services of an experienced technology analysts will end up costing you. Although we can’t really put a fixed price as they differ you might actually be surprised by their conditions. It is in both yours and the analysts’ best interest to keep track of the market so you will probably be able to come to a mutual agreement. Of course you can’t really expect them to offer you their services free of charge, but they might ask you to subscribe to the consulting services they offer and find a way where everyone will benefit from the current situation.

To Hire or Not

The final decision on whether you would get a technology analyst to join your team or not is up to you. Make sure to further investigate their role and the effect they might have on your business. The best way would be to talk to people who have hired a technology analyst and those that have not and see which one has worked out better. However, having in mind that we live in an era of modern technology where new inventions overflow the market on daily bases it might be a good idea to have a helping hand.  So based on the advantages of hiring a technology analysts maybe the main question is not whether you should hire one, but whether you are willing to risk your business by not hiring one?