City drivers face an entirely different set of pressures than those who drive through the countryside. Consequently, the ideal vehicle for this kind of motoring is a little bit different. You’ll want something that’s nippy, economical, and that’s easy to park.

Let’s take a look at a few of the factors you might want to consider, and a few of the vehicles that fit the bill nicely.

Electric Vehicles

One of the major stumbling blocks for the electric vehicle is range. They’re not able to travel long distances with quite the same reliability as their internal-combustion-engine counterparts. This is because it takes time for an ordinary charging station to bring them up to a full charge, and you can never be certain that there’s going to be a charger available if you’re in the middle of the countryside.

If you’re driving in the city, however, then many of these concerns go away. You’re only going to be travelling short distances, and charging facilities tend to be more widely available. Plus, since a battery electric vehicle doesn’t produce any emissions, you’ll be able to stay on the right side of clean air zones.

Smaller Cars

Smaller cars, as we’ve already mentioned, tend to be easier to park. But they also offer convenience in several other ways. You might find it easier to get down a narrow alleyway, even if there are cars double-parked on either side. And, if you’re stuck and the lights and you need to squeeze past the car in front to make a turning, you’ll have a much better chance in a supermini than in an estate.

So, which cars are worth considering?

Fiat 500

With its distinctive bulbous looks, the 500 is a car that’ll appeal to a certain kind of motorist. It’s highly manoeuvrable, with breezy steering and a gamut of hybrid electric options. Plus, there’s a surprising amount of boot space for a car this size.

Despite the bulbous looks, this is a car with respectable fuel economy. The interior is stripped-back and stylish – though the plastics can feel a little bit on the cheap side. If you’re shopping at this end of the market, then this isn’t something you can reasonably complain about.

Toyota Aygo

For first-time drivers, the Aygo is a sensible choice. It’s not only forgiving and fun to drive, but it’s affordable to run, too. It sits in the lowest category for most insurers, and it offers exceptional fuel economy.

It comes in a range of colours, including a two-tone scheme, making it great for customisation. This isn’t just an aesthetic feature, either; it’ll make it much easier to track down your car in a crowded car park.