The professionals from Double Glazing Buckinghamshire within Buckinghamshire give double glazing with various kinds of glass such as security glass which gives defense from hostility and could serve as a significant restraint from transgression and vandalism. In fact, British Standards Association does not put any restriction regarding any terms and conditions that should be filled to apply security glass. Risk must take any insurance specifications into account and should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How Does it Function?

Visit Double Glazing Buckinghamshire know that security glass looks just like any other laminated glass, applying two or more sheets of glass with one or more additions of PVB interlayer which is why double glazing windows are used. To achieve full adhesion between the glass and the sandwiched layers, the whole unit is bounded using pressure and high temperatures. In case of damage, window glass particles stay fastened to the plastic overlay making the broken window intact and strong to wait for replacement. You can choose where to insert the laminated security glass. It can be placed both on the inner pane or outer pane of a double glazing window, but you have to be meticulous about the framing system.
Layered glasses have offer different ranks of security, depending on the number and /or thickness of the single sheet components used in putting the complete piece together during manufacturing. There are BS standard requirements for security glass capable of giving protection against different types of possible hazards.

What is the security advantage of using security Laminated Glass over industry standard toughened glass in windows and doors where security glazing is necessary?

The several kinds of security glass will be explained first.
Laminated Glass. Laminated glass is actually just as sturdy as common glass, nevertheless you can see the difference on its construction where it contains two pieces of glass that consists overlapping plastic interlayer. When the glass breaks this interlayer keeps the entire piece intact so there would be no gap in the window for the trespasser to enter through for instance or huge free fragments which could injure. Similar glass type is used in car window screens and shops front.
Toughened Glass. Hardened glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass and that gives it the added security advantage in addition, the broken glass pieces are not loose and don’t pose danger to residents of the house in the event of damage to the window. You actually have encountered this type of glass pretty often on daily basis. This glass is used in bus stops and phone boxes, so you may have witnessed it being crashed and it shattered into tiny pieces.
Standard Annealed Glass. When you need glass that shatters into spiky pieces or when protection glass in not needed, this kind of glasses is used. There’s no need to change this type because the burglars would never attempt to gain entry through this type of glazing due to the danger of deep cuts. Double Glazing Buckinghamshire has been in the business of windows provision, installation and repairs in the industry for years in London and Home Counties have noted that most break ins are through French, Patio and back doors with easy hardened glass installations to break. This company strongly recommends the use of layered security glass in residential houses ground floor prone to break in requiring safety glass. It requires a thief seconds with just a single bang, no picking of locks, no constant sound, and no sharp uneven edges to get into toughened glass that you would obtain through basic annealed glass.
Do you have laminated or toughened glass; how can you tell? ( In order to know whether the glass you are inspecting is laminated or toughened, you will see a kitemark in the glass’ corner. The Kitemark for toughened glass is bs en 12150 and bs en 12150 for laminated glass What Assistance Do Your Require from Double Glazing Buckinghamshire?
Upgrading your existing glazing hardened glass is a straightforward job on the property and it is affordable to replace new frames, doors, no damage to the original, the only difference is the new brand mark which is part of the new replacement glass from the factory. Double Glazing Buckinghamshire within Buckinghamshire is caring regarding the security as well as safety of your house therefore if you would want Double Glazing Buckinghamshire to contact and meet you for an estimate with no obligation and free of charge regarding putting laminated glass, please don’t think twice and call us on 0800 246 5843 or check out