The professionals from Double Glazing Dorset within Dorset give double glazing with various kinds of glass such as security glass which gives defense from hostility and could serve as a significant restraint from transgression and vandalism. As opposed to safety glass, there are no statutory demands from the British Standards Association concerning where security glass should be used. Potential danger is based on individual property assessment in conjunction with insurance provisions policy cover allowance.

How does it work?

Double Glazing Dorset are often asked why doulble glazing works and it is because security glass is laminated glass in which two or more sheets of glass are comprised with one or more PVB interlayers. Heat and pressure are used to bond the whole assembly together, resulting in the complete adherence of interlayers and glass. Even if the windows get broken someday, the pieces of the glass will still stick to the plastic interlayer and the window will endure using the last pieces of it until it gets repaired. Laminated security glass must be used with an accurate framing system. However, they can be positioned on the inner or outer pane of a double glazing window.
Layered glasses have offer different ranks of security, depending on the number and /or thickness of the single sheet components used in putting the complete piece together during manufacturing. Security glass that can be produced that can guard against several kinds of dangers by using it own set of BS standard regulations.

What are the benefits associated with the use of security bonded glasses in place of standard reinforced windows and doors glass in security glazing?

To understand it all, you need to comprehend about the types and its characteristics.
Laminated Glass. As mentioned before, laminated glass has the similar resilience as common glass, however, it is made up of a couple of pieces of glass covering a sandwich of plastic interlayer. Inner layer in between the two sheets of the layered glass keeps the broken glass particles in place leaving no hole for easy access in case of breakage for intruders and no dangerous pieces posing potential threats to occupants. It’s the same glass you find in shop fronts and car windscreens.
Hardened Glass. Toughened glass is up to five times as powerful as conventional glass which indicates that it has to be hammered much harder to break; also when it does break it is into lots of small pieces which are much less dangerous. It is the same glass you see within bus stops as well as telephone boxes wherein you must have watched it shattered to tiny fragments on the floor.
Standard Strengthened Glass. This is used in every other window where safety glazing is not necessary and when broken breaks into ragged pieces. This kind of glazing will put any thief into the risk of getting badly injured, so they will not even think to try breaking in. however, it is almost impossible for them to get in with the risk that the glass put them into. Being a business for placing of double glazing and restoration that has been in the business for a long time within London as well as the Home Counties, Double Glazing Dorset have witnessed an increase in thieves getting inside via rear patio, French, as well as back doors where toughened glass was placed. Any place on the ground floor where protection glass is required, we now suggest that clients should have Laminated glass installed instead. Toughened glass is not a guarantee that your house is safe from any thief. It is easy to break the glass. All that it takes is one hit and it will be shattered into pieces – no tricky methods such as picking locks. When it breaks, it does not create much noise or rough edges to put the thief into certain danger.
How do you find out if you have laminated glass or toughened glass? ( There will be a kitemark on the corners of the glass that you can check, it will tell you what type of glass it is – whether it is toughened or laminated. Toughened Kitemark code is bs en 12150 Laminated Kitemark code is bs en 14449 How can Double Glazing Dorset Help?
If your current glazing is toughened and you would want to enhance it it is directly a beneficial task of simply substituting the glass, no fresh frames or doors are required and there would be nothing impaired, actually the only method you will be able to know it is not the same is through checking at the kitemark. Double Glazing Dorset in Dorset cares about your safety at your property, so if you are interested in our laminated glass or even have several questions about our service, do not hesitate to contact Double Glazing Chelmsofrd on 0800 246 5843 or visit our website you will get a free quote from us, too when you reach to us.