Double glazing with different types of glass is provided by the experts at Double Glazing Northamptonshire in Northamptonshire including the security glass that can act as an important restraint against contravention and vandalism and offers protection against aggression. When it comes to installing security glass other than safety glass, the British Standards association doesn’t have rules and regulations that must be followed. However, regular check up should be done on daily basis to find out if there is any potential damage and insurance is a must have to add more protection.

How it Works

You might ask Double Glazing Northamptonshire why doulble glazing and the answer is that two or more sheets of coated glass with one or more PVB tightly slid in between make security glass. Heat and pressure are used to bond the whole assembly together, resulting in the complete adherence of interlayers and glass. As you wait for a new window to be installed in the event that your current one has incurred damage, the window maintains its residual sturdiness because the glass shards are stuck to the plastic interlayer. You can choose where to insert the laminated security glass. It can be placed both on the inner pane or outer pane of a double glazing window, but you have to be meticulous about the framing system.
Laminated glasses with various degrees of security and safety can be gained by changing the number and thickness of each of the fire glass and interlayer elements. There are BS standard requirements for security glass capable of giving protection against different types of possible hazards.

What are the benefits associated with the use of security bonded glasses in place of standard reinforced windows and doors glass in security glazing?

Firstly the difference between the types will be explained.
Laminated Glass. As already stated layered glass has the same strength as conventional glass, but it consists of two pieces of glass including a sandwich of the plastic interlayer. Inner layer in between the two sheets of the layered glass keeps the broken glass particles in place leaving no hole for easy access in case of breakage for intruders and no dangerous pieces posing potential threats to occupants. Similar glass type is used in car window screens and shops front.
Toughened Glass. In order to shatter toughened glass it has to be smashed with great force, since it is five times stronger than regular glass; It is less harmful when it shatters because it breaks into plenty of tiny pieces. You might have witnessed the breakage of this kinds of glasses, since they are normally found in phone booths and bus stages.
Standard Annealed Glass. This is used in every other window where safety glazing is not necessary and when broken breaks into ragged pieces. Because of the risk of deep wounds, thieves will nearly never attempt and get inside through this kind of glazing, therefore, altering this kind is not necessary. Our company has built our reputation over the years by providing double glazing installation and repair services from time to time in London. The Home Counties Double Glazing Northamptonshire has witnessed how theft cases are increasing in numbers, and we know that they got in through the rear French, Patio, and back doors of which has been enhanced by toughened glass now. We now suggest the client have Laminated security glass in any areas where safety glass is required on the ground floor. It requires a thief seconds with just a single bang, no picking of locks, no constant sound, and no sharp uneven edges to get into toughened glass that you would obtain through basic annealed glass.
How do you know whether you have toughened or laminated glass? ( There will be a kitemark on the corners of the glass that you can check, it will tell you what type of glass it is – whether it is toughened or laminated. The code for laminated Kitemark is bs en 14449, while the code for Toughened Kitemark is bs en 12150. What does Double Glazing Northamptonshire have in store to help you out?
Unless you look at the kitemark, improving your current installation of toughened glass without noticing any big difference is very easy and pocket friendly, because nothing else needs to change except the glass, which needs replacing; no doors or frames are replaced and nothing gets removed. Double Glazing Northamptonshire in Northamptonshire is keen on improving security and safety measures in homes, that is the reason you should all Double Glazing Northamptonshire for free quote without obligation on installation of layered glass, contact us on phone number 0800 246 5843 or visit our website for further information.