In recent years, the opportunities to earn an income online have increased significantly. So, you have a plethora of options if you’re looking to bolster your finances this summer. But what are they?

In this article, we’ll share five ways to make money online this summer.

  1. Consider freelancing

The gig economy has seen exponential growth, with freelancing at its core. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr serve as bustling marketplaces where you can market your skills in writing, graphic design, web development, and much more. To get your first gig, all you need to do is create a compelling profile that displays your expertise and past projects. Regularly update your portfolio and maintain high ratings from clients to boost your visibility and potential for income.

  1. Become and virtual assistant

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are on the lookout for virtual assistants (Vas) to manage their emails, schedule appointments, handle social media and perform other administrative tasks. You could become a VA if you have good organisational skills, proficiency in communication tools and a flexible mindset. There are several types of websites you can use to find your first VA client, and once you’ve built a strong reputation, you’re likely to get referrals and longer-term contracts.

  1. Create an online course

Have expertise in a particular field? Then creating an online course can be a lucrative venture. Platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, and Udemy lets you publish courses on a wide range of subjects. If your niche has high demand but not enough supply, then you’re even more likely to make money. Invest the time to create a comprehensive, engaging and valuable course and you could enjoy passive income in future years, as you can sell your course over and over again without any extra effort.

  1. Start trading online

Trading the financial markets is a high-risk, high-reward way to make money online. Whether you trade stocks, forex, or cryptocurrencies, you’ll need a strong understanding of the markets, a well-thought-out strategy and the temperament to manage risks. Many of modern and innovative online trading platforms provide simulated environments where you can practise trading with fake money to hone your skills with no risk, before trying your hand at the real thing.

  1. Try dropshipping

Dropshipping is a way of selling products without keeping the products you sell in stock. Instead, you purchase them from a third party and ship them directly to the customer. This model lets you minimise the risks and investments associated with traditional retail methods, while enjoying all the benefits. Making money with dropshipping hinges on finding niche products with high demand and low competition, as well as your ability to create compelling online marketing campaigns.


This summer presents an ideal time to explore the online money-making opportunities we’ve highlighted above. With the right approach, dedication and a dash of creativity, you can seriously bolster your finances from the comfort of your home.