If you have been thinking that private investigators were only roles in a movie, then you are mistaken because Glasgow Private Detectives of City of Glasgow can prove that tracking every move you make is really easy. Often asked if private detectives are real Glasgow Private Detectives (https://glasgow-privatedetectives.co.uk) ensures people that they definately are. A helpful friend, allowed us to perform an experiment.
You will never imagine that the man, who is just walking about 5 steps behind you as you get to the bus stop, is making a video coverage of your entire move. Trailing you and noting down every individual you speak with and the details of your conversations.
This is the exactly what a Glasgow Private Detectives from City of Glasgow did with the woman for an entire day. “I thought I’d know if someone was filming me but I wasn’t aware of the detective at all”, the woman said this on the day we followed her.
The detective managed to follow her from her house in Acre in City of Glasgow, onto the tube and all the way to work without raising notion, while he was armed with a Covert Camera Recorder, DSLR camera, and various other equipment.
Speaking about the day in question, the friend said – “I knew at some point that week I was going to be followed for research – so I had a heightened awareness of my surroundings. Despite this, I didn’t see a thing and I am shocked. I wasn’t aware of the detective at all while I truly believed I’d know if someone was filming me or taking my picture in public”.
Walking to work blissfully ignorant of the fact that she was being shadowed, the woman went out of the office for a chat with a friend. The woman and her friend were followed by the Glasgow Private Detectives detective to a close by bar, where the detective was able to listen to their chat and record what they took, the mood of the conversation and where they headed for after the drinks. It was obvious, after looking at the report, that the investigator was had some close-up pics of her friend and that he was filming from under the table.
According to the words of the report – “The male has been tactile with the subject on the walk, often touching her. The appeared to be at ease with each other’s company. The man purchased two drinks at the bar, after they sat, and then returned to the table. They went on with what seemed a very deep discussion”.
Mandy was given a report that had everything she did that morning inside it, on 17 pages, after she has been tracked for six hours. . In the report were a 15 minute video, about 15 pictures, and two maps indicating her way to work, and the exact place she went with the friend after work.
The woman’s response – “I didn’t believe these things were applicable in real life”. In the movies it is lots of fun to watch but in real life it extremely disquieting to be trailed and not realise it”.
A debate is currently going on as to whether or not there is a need to increase regulation of private investigators. The private investigator work is like when you engage a builder or plumber; they are required to be listed with a licensing authority. There is no real regulation of the private investigation industry.
The firm needs to register, regarding data protection legislation, with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). At Glasgow Private Detectives, we are registered, and also posses the required licensing.
Though you may be right if you are scared about using off-the-curve, unlicensed and unregistered private investigators, you have to rest assured that you are getting the best from a professional firm like Glasgow Private Detectives because they work with the rightful methods. It is found continuously of investigators getting the information they shouldn’t, and investigators that overcharge and don’t provide the necessary information to the client. Meanwhile, the presence of bad eggs is always a characteristic of any trade or sector.
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