Double glazing with different types of glass is provided by the experts at Double Glazing Leeds in West Yorkshire including the security glass that can act as an important restraint against contravention and vandalism and offers protection against aggression. As opposed to safety glass, there are no statutory demands from the British Standards Association concerning where security glass should be used. Danger must be evaluated on every case and should take into consideration whatever insurance particulars.

This is How it Works

You might ask Double Glazing Leeds why doulble glazing and the answer is that two or more sheets of coated glass with one or more PVB tightly slid in between make security glass. To achieve full adhesion between the glass and the sandwiched layers, the whole unit is bounded using pressure and high temperatures. In case of damage, window glass particles stay fastened to the plastic overlay making the broken window intact and strong to wait for replacement. Laminated security glass must be used with an accurate framing system. However, they can be positioned on the inner or outer pane of a double glazing window.
Laminated glasses with various degrees of security and safety can be gained by changing the number and thickness of each of the fire glass and interlayer elements. There are BS standard needs for security glass capable of providing security against various types of potential damages.

What is actually the advantage that you get from applying security Laminated Glass? What is the excellence of it compared to the standard factory-produced strengthened glass that is applied either on windows or doors?

First of all, we would discuss the distinction between the kinds.
Laminated Glass. As already stated layered glass has the same strength as conventional glass, but it consists of two pieces of glass including a sandwich of the plastic interlayer. The difference is that there is no gap left for burglars to enter or cause dangerous pieces of glass to fall out when it is damaged, since the plastic interlayers keep the glass together. The glass is something that you may see during your everyday life. It is actually the same glass with the glass that you see in car windscreens and the glass that is used as shop entrance or windows.
Toughened Glass. Toughened glass is until five times as resilient as common glass, which indicates that it needs to be hit more forcefully for it to be broken; additionally, once it breaks, it shatters into small fragments which are considerably less harmful. You actually have encountered this type of glass pretty often on daily basis. This glass is used in bus stops and phone boxes, so you may have witnessed it being crashed and it shattered into tiny pieces.
Standard Annealed Glass. This is used in every other window where safety glazing is not necessary and when broken breaks into ragged pieces. Because of the risk of deep wounds, thieves will nearly never attempt and get inside through this kind of glazing, therefore, altering this kind is not necessary. Counties Double Glazing Leeds have seen an increase in thieves getting entry through rear French, Patio and back doors where toughened glass had been installed. We now suggest the client to get Laminated security glass within any place where security glass is required on the ground floor. It requires a thief seconds with just a single bang, no picking of locks, no constant sound, and no sharp uneven edges to get into toughened glass that you would obtain through basic annealed glass.
How do you find out if you have laminated glass or toughened glass? ( You would have to check the corners of the glass you are referring to for a kitemark that would indicate if it’s laminated or toughened glass or otherwise. Toughened Kitemark code is bs en 12150 Laminated Kitemark code is bs en 14449 How can Double Glazing Leeds Help?
It will be more convenient for you who already have a toughened glass because when you opt for an upgrade, it will not cost you a fortune, rather it is a very good and effective choice because all that you need is glass replacement without changing the frames or the doors. No big renovation would be done. By the time the upgrade is done, you can only notice the difference is at the kitemark. Double Glazing Leeds within West Yorkshire is caring regarding the security as well as safety of your house therefore if you would want Double Glazing Leeds to contact and meet you for an estimate with no obligation and free of charge regarding putting laminated glass, please don’t think twice and call us on 0800 246 5843 or check out