The professionals at Double Glazing Sunderland in Tyne and Wear are able to give you double glazing that can be arranged with many different kinds of glass. Security glass is also an option for double glazing feature which can gives you improved security because it does not break easily; in other words, it does not break easily and prevent vandalism or infraction. Compared to safety glass, there are no legal obligations from the association of British Standards regarding where the security glass should be utilised. Risk must take any insurance specifications into account and should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How it Works

Visit Double Glazing Sunderland know that security glass looks just like any other laminated glass, applying two or more sheets of glass with one or more additions of PVB interlayer which is why double glazing windows are used. All of the components are joint together by being heated and pressurized which sticks all the elements of interlayer and glass together strongly. As you wait for a new window to be installed in the event that your current one has incurred damage, the window maintains its residual sturdiness because the glass shards are stuck to the plastic interlayer. Laminated security glass must be used with an accurate framing system. However, they can be positioned on the inner or outer pane of a double glazing window.
Laminated glasses with various degrees of security and safety can be gained by changing the number and thickness of each of the fire glass and interlayer elements. Security glass have many types of functions in giving protection; there may be different kinds of risks that it can protect, such as fire, earthquakes, breaking in, and so on. However, every protection has its own BS standard requirements that the security glass has to fulfill in order to be able to execute its role perfectly.

When security glazing is needed in windows and doors, what security advantage can you get from using Laminated Glass as opposed to conventional toughened glass?

The several kinds of security glass will be explained first.
Laminated Glass. As already stated layered glass has the same strength as conventional glass, but it consists of two pieces of glass including a sandwich of the plastic interlayer. This interlayer holds the whole piece in place if the glass does get broken so there is no hole left in the window for a thief to get in through for instance or large free shards that can cut. It’s the same glass you find in shop fronts and car windscreens.
Toughened Glass. In order to shatter toughened glass it has to be smashed with great force, since it is five times stronger than regular glass; It is less harmful when it shatters because it breaks into plenty of tiny pieces. You actually have encountered this type of glass pretty often on daily basis. This glass is used in bus stops and phone boxes, so you may have witnessed it being crashed and it shattered into tiny pieces.
Standard Annealed Glass. This is utilised in each window wherein security glazing is not needed and once broken, shatters into uneven pieces. Because of the risk of deep wounds, thieves will nearly never attempt and get inside through this kind of glazing, therefore, altering this kind is not necessary. Being a business for placing of double glazing and restoration that has been in the business for a long time within London as well as the Home Counties, Double Glazing Sunderland have witnessed an increase in thieves getting inside via rear patio, French, as well as back doors where toughened glass was placed. Because of the increasing theft case, we suggest our customers to get laminated security glass installed in their house, especially on the entrance of the house on the lower floor. Toughened glass is not a guarantee that your house is safe from any thief. It is easy to break the glass. All that it takes is one hit and it will be shattered into pieces – no tricky methods such as picking locks. When it breaks, it does not create much noise or rough edges to put the thief into certain danger.
Do you have laminated or toughened glass; how can you tell? ( There will be a kitemark on the corners of the glass that you can check, it will tell you what type of glass it is – whether it is toughened or laminated. Check out coated brand mark bs en 14449 for hardened glass and bs en 12150 for Double Glazing Sunderland glasses.
If your current glazing is toughened and you would want to enhance it it is directly a beneficial task of simply substituting the glass, no fresh frames or doors are required and there would be nothing impaired, actually the only method you will be able to know it is not the same is through checking at the kitemark. Double Glazing Sunderland within Tyne and Wear is caring regarding the security as well as safety of your house therefore if you would want Double Glazing Sunderland to contact and meet you for an estimate with no obligation and free of charge regarding putting laminated glass, please don’t think twice and call us on 0800 246 5843 or check out