Ensuring your business is sustainable is crucial. Ethically, it’s the right thing to do to ensure that your company isn’t harming the environment. But it also has other benefits. Customers are more interested in paying for services from sustainable companies – 88 per cent of consumers would like brands to help them to become more environmental in daily life. Here is how you can make your business more sustainable.


Putting in place an efficient recycling scheme for all your employees is a solid step to take. This well help conserve natural resources, while protecting ecosystems from waste and exploitation. You can even go further than this buy furnishing your office with upcycled sofas and chairs!
Encourage walking and cycling

Commuting can cause plenty of pollution – especially if you’re travelling by car. Reduce carbon emissions by offering incentives to walk or cycle to work. These could include subsidising travel passes for your employees, and you’ll find that quite often, city agencies will be keen to promote this in businesses by offering discounts.

Work from home

You can go beyond offering incentives to ditch the car, by offering work from home opportunities to employees. Letting employees work from home will save any energy from the commute, meanwhile your office will also be using less energy.

Make use of recycled materials

If you have a business that uses raw materials, you can purchase recycled materials to stop them from going to landfill. You can make use of deformed metal by using a hydraulic press to restore metal back to its original shape so that the materials can be used again.

Energy efficient upgrades

There are plenty of upgrades you can make to your premises to use energy more efficiently. This includes switching to energy saving lightbulbs; automating these lights with sensors; installing double glazing, in order to heat and cool rooms more efficiently; and even adding solar panels to provide renewable energy that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels.

Choose green business

You can also follow the mindset of the consumer – direct your trade to other similarly environmentally conscious businesses. Perhaps your business could consider its supply chain: is there a way of prioritising trade with companies that have a green ethos? Or if you’re sending off packaged goods, have you considered the most environmental couriers?

Carbon offsetting

You can even go further than the above tips, and offset your company’s remaining carbon emissions! Websites such as cool effect, and south pole are key here.

Making your business more sustainable is becoming increasingly vital in the modern world. By applying these tips to your company, you can make the first steps on the journey towards sustainability.