If you had the idea that private investigators are only a part of movies, you should think twice, because Private Investigator Cheshire can show you how simple it is to follow you around. Often asked if private detectives are real Private Investigator Cheshire (https://privateinvestigator-cheshire.co.uk) ensures people that they definately are. A friend submitted herself for a mock surveillance exercise.
You would never expect that a man walking slowly behind you is filming everything you do on your way to the bus station. They shadow you, note every person you speak to and write everything you talk about.
Tracked for 24 hours by a Private Investigator Cheshire in Cheshire, the woman received the same exact treatment as revealed above. Our friend said “I thought that I would know if I was being filmed by someone but I didn’t notice the investigator at all” about the day when we were tracking her.
Using a Hidden Camera Recorder, DSLR camera, and other different equipment, the investigator was able to trail her from her residence in Chester in Cheshire, on the tube and up to the office without being noticed.
The woman said when she talked about that specific day – “I was informed that at some day of that week I will be tracked for research – so I tried to be extra aware of my surroundings. I didn’t notice anything despite this and I am in shock because of it. I truly believed I’d know if someone was filming me or taking my picture in public but I wasn’t aware of the detective at all. “.
The woman went out of the building to meet a friend after trundling to work completely unaware she was being followed. The woman and her friend went to a bar nearby and the Private Investigator Cheshire followed them there, positioned themselves close enough to record and report on the conversation that the pair had, see what they were drinking, where the proceeded to and how intense the discussion was. After receiving the report, it was manifest that the did not only manage to film under a table but had close-up shots of her friend.
According to the words of the report – “The male has been tactile with the subject on the walk, often touching her. They were both at ease in each other’s presence”. After taking a seat, the male approaches the bar, buys two drinks and returns to the table. They continue engaged in what appears to be animated conversation”.
After she was tracked for 6 hours, Mandy was given a detailed report of her movements that morning, covering about 17 pages. The report comprised of a 15 minute film, 50 photos and 2 maps that showed her which route she took to work and the exact location of her meeting with her friend later in the day.
The woman’s response – “I didn’t believe these things were applicable in real life”. Yeah, it appears to be a fun and entertainment element in the movies but actually being chased – without knowing about it – is fearful”.
The issue of whether the PIs should receive more streamlined regulation and monitoring is still being muted. For instance, when you hire a plumber or a construction worker, they must be controlled by a governing body and it should be same here. However, the governing of the private investigation industry isn’t like that.
In relation to data protection laws, it is mandatory for the company to be registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Private Investigator Cheshire is registered and is also ready for licensing.
You can have a piece of mind if you use an expert firm like Private Investigator Cheshire which utilizes the right methodology so you don’t have to worry about unlicensed, improvised private detectives. Stories of detectives who cross the line when gathering information abound, or those whose charges are too high, as well as those who don’t hand in a complete report to their customers. But this is similar to all other industries where we always have some rogues in business.
You should contact Private Investigator Cheshire on 01244 490056 or through https://privateinvestigator-cheshire.co.uk if you need to be clarified about anything concerning tracking, monitoring and other private investigation services.