The work that Private Investigator East Sussex does is a testimony to how someone can be watching all you do without your knowledge, proving that private investigation is real, not just a fiction act in a movie. Private Investigator East Sussex ( are often asked if private detectives are legal and of course we only work within the law. A friend volunteered to participate in an experiment.
You will never imagine that the man, who is just walking about 5 steps behind you as you get to the bus stop, is making a video coverage of your entire move. Trailing you and noting down every individual you speak with and the details of your conversations.
This is what the woman experienced when she volunteered to be tracked by a Private Investigator East Sussex in East Sussex. Our friend said “I thought that I would know if I was being filmed by someone but I didn’t notice the investigator at all” about the day when we were tracking her.
Using a Hidden Camera Recorder, DSLR camera, and other different equipment, the investigator was able to trail her from her residence in Eastbourne in East Sussex, on the tube and up to the office without being noticed.
Our friend says that she was extremely keen on her surroundings and her sense of awareness was at its peak that week as she knew she would be followed at some point in the week. Despite this, I didn’t see a thing and I am shocked. I never saw the investigator at all though I was sure I would be able to know if someone shot a video or took my photo in public but I did not notice the investigator at all”.
The woman went out of the building to meet a friend after trundling to work completely unaware she was being followed. The woman and her friend went to a bar nearby and the Private Investigator East Sussex followed them there, positioned themselves close enough to record and report on the conversation that the pair had, see what they were drinking, where the proceeded to and how intense the discussion was. When the report arrived, it showed that the detective got a close-up shot of her friend and that he recorded from under a table.
Excerpts from the report – “The man was affectionate with subject as they walked, often laying his hand on her. They were both at ease in each other’s presence”. The man purchased two drinks at the bar, after they sat, and then returned to the table. They went on with what seemed a very deep discussion”.
Our friend was followed for 6 hours and given a 17-page account of everything she did that morning. There were 50 photos, a 15-minute video clip, and two maps one showing the route she followed to work and the other places she and her buddy visited later that day.
I never imagined these things can happen in reality”, she said. Yeah, it appears to be a fun and entertainment element in the movies but actually being chased – without knowing about it – is fearful”.
A debate is currently going on as to whether or not there is a need to increase regulation of private investigators. The private investigator work is like when you engage a builder or plumber; they are required to be listed with a licensing authority. The private investigation sector isn’t specifically administered.
The company needs to have registration from the ICO or Information Commissioner’s Office with regard to laws protecting data. We are license ready and certified at Private Investigator East Sussex.
There are many unregistered investigators around and apprehension when working with them is understandable, make sure you engage the services a professional company like Private Investigator East Sussex who applies the correct method, you should be at ease. In many cases detectives will charge more than they should and won’t offer the data that the client needs, or they can even gather the data they shouldn’t. But there are always that kind of companies out there, regardless of the business and industry.
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