If you had the idea that private investigators are only a part of movies, you should think twice, because Private Investigator Gosport can show you how simple it is to follow you around. Private Investigator Gosport (https://privateinvestigator-gosport.co.uk) understand why are private investigators held to a higher standard, it is because the job holds a lot of responsibility, trust and liability. A friend volunteered to participate in an experiment.
You will never imagine that the man, who is just walking about 5 steps behind you as you get to the bus stop, is making a video coverage of your entire move. They shadow you, note every person you speak to and write everything you talk about.
Tracked for 24 hours by a Private Investigator Gosport in Hampshire, the woman received the same exact treatment as revealed above. Our friend said “I thought that I would know if I was being filmed by someone but I didn’t notice the investigator at all” about the day when we were tracking her.
The detective managed to follow her from her house in Alverstoke in Hampshire, onto the tube and all the way to work without raising notion, while he was armed with a Covert Camera Recorder, DSLR camera, and various other equipment.
Describing the day, the woman said – “I was aware that someone would track me at some point during the week- it made me extra alert and sensitive to my environment. Despite this, I didn’t see a thing and I am shocked. She was sure that she would easily notice if she was being photographed or filmed in public but could not detect the investigator at all”.
The woman met a friend at lunchtime to have a chat, not knowing that she was followed to work. The Private Investigator Gosport detective tailed her and her pal to a nearby bar and sat close enough to hear their real discussions and give a report details of what they drank, where they went and how ‘intense’ the chat was. When the report arrived, it showed that the detective got a close-up shot of her friend and that he recorded from under a table.
Excerpts from the report – “The man was affectionate with subject as they walked, often laying his hand on her. They were both at ease in each other’s presence”. After taking a seat, the male approaches the bar, buys two drinks and returns to the table. They had what seemed like a very interesting dialogue continuously”.
Our friend was followed for 6 hours and given a 17-page account of everything she did that morning. There were 50 photos, a 15-minute video clip, and two maps one showing the route she followed to work and the other places she and her buddy visited later that day.
She was shocked and admitted that she did not believe these things happened for real. Being tracked without any idea about it is actually pretty scary, even though in films it might seem like a fun thing”.
A debate is currently going on as to whether or not there is a need to increase regulation of private investigators. It is the same with the fact that the plumber or builder you hire their services should be properly registered with the appropriate bodies. However, the governing of the private investigation industry isn’t like that.
In relation to data protection laws, it is mandatory for the company to be registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We are license ready and certified at Private Investigator Gosport.
Though you may be right if you are scared about using off-the-curve, unlicensed and unregistered private investigators, you have to rest assured that you are getting the best from a professional firm like Private Investigator Gosport because they work with the rightful methods. Cases of investigators collecting extra charges and not offering the information promised, and investigators seeking for details they are not authorised to obtain are so rampant. But the situation will be the same with any trade or company, there will be cowboys out there.
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