The work that Private Investigator Lewisham does is a testimony to how someone can be watching all you do without your knowledge, proving that private investigation is real, not just a fiction act in a movie. Often asked if private detectives are real Private Investigator Lewisham ( ensures people that they definately are. Our willing friend, helped us carry out an experiment on him.
On your walk to the bus stop, it would be difficult to imagine that there is someone a few steps behind you who is recording a video of each move you make. Following you, writing down your conversations, taking note of everyone you talk to.
This is what the woman experienced when she volunteered to be tracked by a Private Investigator Lewisham in Greater London. Our friend said “I thought that I would know if I was being filmed by someone but I didn’t notice the investigator at all” about the day when we were tracking her.
Using a Hidden Camera Recorder, DSLR camera, and other different equipment, the investigator was able to trail her from her residence in Bell Green in Greater London, on the tube and up to the office without being noticed.
The woman said, “I knew at some point that week I was going to be followed for research – so I had a heightened awareness of my surroundings. Despite this, I failed to see even a single thing and I am shocked. I didn’t see the investigator at all, even though I really thought that I would know if anyone was filming or taking picture of me in public”.
Walking to work blissfully ignorant of the fact that she was being shadowed, the woman went out of the office for a chat with a friend. The woman and her friend went to a bar nearby and the Private Investigator Lewisham followed them there, positioned themselves close enough to record and report on the conversation that the pair had, see what they were drinking, where the proceeded to and how intense the discussion was. The investigator’s report showed that he filmed the two with a camera hidden under the table and had close-up photos of her mate.
The report read – ” The male has been tactile with the woman on the walk often touching her. They both seem to enjoy each other’s company. . Upon arriving at the bar, the male companion went to the bar, bought two drinks and went back to their table. The proceeded to have what seemed to be an exciting conversation”.
The woman was handed a 17-page report after six hours of being followed where she found every move of that morning documented. There were 50 photos, a 15-minute video clip, and two maps one showing the route she followed to work and the other places she and her buddy visited later that day.
She was shocked and admitted that she did not believe these things happened for real. In the movies it is lots of fun to watch but in real life it extremely disquieting to be trailed and not realise it”.
Discussions are going on to determine if more stringent measures are needed to regulate the work of Pls. The private investigator work is like when you engage a builder or plumber; they are required to be listed with a licensing authority. There are no rules governing the private investigation sector.
In relation to data protection laws, it is mandatory for the company to be registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We are license ready and certified at Private Investigator Lewisham.
Though you may be right if you are scared about using off-the-curve, unlicensed and unregistered private investigators, you have to rest assured that you are getting the best from a professional firm like Private Investigator Lewisham because they work with the rightful methods. Stories of detectives who cross the line when gathering information abound, or those whose charges are too high, as well as those who don’t hand in a complete report to their customers. But this is similar to all other industries where we always have some rogues in business.
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