If you have been thinking that private investigators were only roles in a movie, then you are mistaken because Private Investigator Northamptonshire of Northamptonshire can prove that tracking every move you make is really easy. Private Investigator Northamptonshire (https://private-investigator-northamptonshire.co.uk) understand why are private investigators held to a higher standard, it is because the job holds a lot of responsibility, trust and liability. A friend submitted herself for a mock surveillance exercise.
Walking to the bus stop, the last thing you’d assume is that your every move is being filmed by the man casually strolling along at five paces behind you. He pens down the subject of your chats and the people you chat with as he follows you.
This is the exactly what a Private Investigator Northamptonshire from Northamptonshire did with the woman for an entire day. According to our friend, she thought she would definitely know if someone was filming her but she had no idea at all that the detective was on her case.
Using a DSLR which is a Covert Camera Recorder along with other sophisticated gadgets, the detective had an easy time trailing her from her home in Northampton, Northamptonshire and all the way to work through the tube without her realizing it.
Describing the day, the woman said – “I was aware that someone would track me at some point during the week- it made me extra alert and sensitive to my environment. Yet, I did not notice it when it happened, and I was in shock. I truly believed I’d know if someone was filming me or taking my picture in public but I wasn’t aware of the detective at all. “.
The woman went out of the building to meet a friend after trundling to work completely unaware she was being followed. The woman and her friend were followed by the Private Investigator Northamptonshire detective to a close by bar, where the detective was able to listen to their chat and record what they took, the mood of the conversation and where they headed for after the drinks. It was obvious, after looking at the report, that the investigator was had some close-up pics of her friend and that he was filming from under the table.
According to the words of the report – “The male has been tactile with the subject on the walk, often touching her. They both seem to enjoy each other’s company. . Upon arriving at the bar, the male companion went to the bar, bought two drinks and went back to their table. They continue engaged in what appears to be animated conversation”.
Our friend received a 17 page document that detailed every single move she made that morning, having been trailed for 6 hours. There were 50 photos, a 15-minute video clip, and two maps one showing the route she followed to work and the other places she and her buddy visited later that day.
The woman’s response – “I didn’t believe these things were applicable in real life”. It is always fun to watch in the movies, but it could be extremely scary when one is tracked unknowingly in real life”.
A debate is currently going on as to whether or not there is a need to increase regulation of private investigators. For instance, when you hire a plumber or a construction worker, they must be controlled by a governing body and it should be same here. The private investigation sector isn’t specifically administered.
In connection with the laws governing data protection, the firm is supposed to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We are license ready and certified at Private Investigator Northamptonshire.
You can have a piece of mind if you use an expert firm like Private Investigator Northamptonshire which utilizes the right methodology so you don’t have to worry about unlicensed, improvised private detectives. In many cases detectives will charge more than they should and won’t offer the data that the client needs, or they can even gather the data they shouldn’t. But there are always that kind of companies out there, regardless of the business and industry.
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