If you thought private detectives were just for the movies, you were wrong as Private Investigator Redditch shows ho easy it is to track your energy move. Private Investigator Redditch (https://privateinvestigator-redditch.co.uk) are private detectives in high demand but as a reputable company we care about our clients and always look after them. A friend submitted herself for a mock surveillance exercise.
You will never imagine that the man, who is just walking about 5 steps behind you as you get to the bus stop, is making a video coverage of your entire move. Taking notes of all people you talk with, writing things down and following you.
This is what the woman experienced when she volunteered to be tracked by a Private Investigator Redditch in Worcestershire. After tracking the woman for a whole day, she had this to say, “I thought I’d know if someone was filming me but I wasn’t aware of the detective at all”.
Using a DSLR which is a Covert Camera Recorder along with other sophisticated gadgets, the detective had an easy time trailing her from her home in Alcester, Worcestershire and all the way to work through the tube without her realizing it.
The woman said, “I knew at some point that week I was going to be followed for research – so I had a heightened awareness of my surroundings. Despite this, I didn’t see a thing and I am shocked. I didn’t see the investigator at all, even though I really thought that I would know if anyone was filming or taking picture of me in public”.
Once she got to work without realising that she was being trailed, the woman stepped out of the building to see a friend. The Private Investigator Redditch detective tailed her and her pal to a nearby bar and sat close enough to hear their real discussions and give a report details of what they drank, where they went and how ‘intense’ the chat was. After receiving the report, it was manifest that the did not only manage to film under a table but had close-up shots of her friend.
According to the words of the report – “The male has been tactile with the subject on the walk, often touching her. They were both at ease in each other’s presence”. When they settled down, the man goes to the bar, purchases two drinks and sits again at the table. They continue engaged in what appears to be animated conversation”.
Our friend was followed for 6 hours and given a 17-page account of everything she did that morning. A video that lasted 15 minutes, 50 photos and a couple of maps that showed her way to work and exactly where she went with that day with her friend. .
Our friend reacted by saying – “I didn’t think this sort of thing happened in real life”. Being tracked without any idea about it is actually pretty scary, even though in films it might seem like a fun thing”.
Discussions are going on to determine if more stringent measures are needed to regulate the work of Pls. For instance, when you hire a plumber or a construction worker, they must be controlled by a governing body and it should be same here. There is no real regulation of the private investigation industry.
As far as concerns data protection laws, the service provider needs to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). At Private Investigator Redditch, we already are registered and are ready to be licensed.
You can have a piece of mind if you use an expert firm like Private Investigator Redditch which utilizes the right methodology so you don’t have to worry about unlicensed, improvised private detectives. Cases of investigators collecting extra charges and not offering the information promised, and investigators seeking for details they are not authorised to obtain are so rampant. But the situation will be the same with any trade or company, there will be cowboys out there.
You should contact Private Investigator Redditch on 01527 970217  or through https://privateinvestigator-redditch.co.uk if you need to be clarified about anything concerning tracking, monitoring and other private investigation services.