Technology which can be invested and spent on small businesses is multiplying as many more companies are seen to be developing their condition with technical investment. With rapid advances in technology, statistical figures are showing that day by day more companies, organizations and individuals who are self employed are becoming more dependent upon modern technology in order to run the businesses in an effective manner.

Technology, A Vital Factor in Businesses

It has been a forecast that small business companies will be spending approximately £8 billion on technology only in this year’s timeline. According to a poll statistics, around 95% of all companies have declared that technology is most certainly a vital factor to keep their companies running. Not only that, technology also helps to keep ranking it above HR, training and marketing. The same poll also found out that particularly startups are much more heavily dependent on technology. The poll showed that over 70% starters rated it as a very integral part of business. However, larger, more established and already running businesses were compared at 37%.

Technology Forecast

£22.8 billion has been a premonition to be invested on technology, hardware and software in spite of the crisis of investing in many small businesses. Also the developing markets are wanting to collect data and to make the best usage of the ever increasing number of social networks and media channels.

However, as more and more people tend to rely upon technology, the prime attention is gradually being shifted to the personal effects. This is particularly prevalent to those small business entrepreneurs who manage their multiple business tasks by their phones, tablets and laptops.

There are a number of entrepreneurs who respond to this technological revolution in completely different ways. They provide an easy escape from a constantly chaotic world caused by our day to day technology. At the Pitch boot camp in London, a young, interesting couple pitched “Unplugged Weekends”, making their weekends completely technology free retreats from their busy life. Another innovative couple living in Scotland run a business which is entirely built upon a no-technology policy. The Skiary located in the Loch Hourn of the Scottish Highlands is known as the most remote visiting guest house in the United Kingdom. You certainly cannot think of stumbling across it as there are no nearby roads. The guests have to travel by ferry or cross the landscape on foot in order to reach it. There is no phone signal, no internet access and no electricity. It is a relaxing station carefully designed to take away all technological chaos that we have enhanced over the course of civilization back to the age of lamps and board games. It is a chance to get away from all!