In the UK, the COVID-19 lockdown measures are slowly being relaxed and the UK travel industry is likely set to open back up soon. While some countries abroad are reopening their doors to holidaymakers from as early as next month, it’s understandable that many Brits might want to book a trip at home this year in order to stay safe and support the UK economy too. Serviced apartments are an excellent choice of accommodation option for anybody planning a UK city break after the lockdown, with plenty of options to choose from in every city around the UK.

It’s Easier to Social Distance

Having your own apartment to stay in for the duration of your trip makes it easier for you to socially distance while still enjoying your stay. Social distancing measures, such as staying 2m apart from others, are likely to continue for a while even after the lockdown is over, so a serviced apartment helps you make sure that you don’t end up in a crowd. This might be difficult to do at a hotel where there’s a pool, restaurant or other communal areas.


Restaurants haven’t opened back up yet, but when they do, they might get busy because people are longing to go and eat out after months of takeaways and cooking at home. But it’s understandable if you are thinking of holidaying in the UK and want to find somewhere to stay where you can enjoy food in your accommodation and avoid going to busy restaurants. With a serviced apartment, you will get to enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, so you’ve got the option of cooking for yourself or checking out the local restaurants depending on how you feel.

Save Money

Depending on who you are going with, a serviced apartment can save you a great deal of money compared to booking a hotel. If you’re arranging a trip so that you can catch up and spend time with family members and friends who you haven’t seen much over the lockdown, booking a serviced apartment means that everybody can enjoy their own room but at a much cheaper price than booking separate hotel rooms since you pay for the apartment as a whole.

There are Tons of Options

Serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular in the UK, so wherever you want to visit, there’s sure to be something to suit you. Check out these luxury apartments set to be available soon from Tom Smyth Belfast; these city centre ‘Dream Pods’ have a wide range of options for any kind of traveller and are located in a prime Belfast location close to all major attractions, pubs, restaurants and more. And, there are similar serviced apartments located in a wide range of UK cities; you’re sure to find some great options wherever you want to go.

If you’re longing to travel but still feeling a little apprehensive about venturing out of the UK, why not support the economy at home and enjoy a trip where you can safely socially distance in a serviced apartment here?