An indoor car park requires a different coating to an outdoor car park. The floor coat must be durable and watertight to protect the structure from infiltration and eventual water damage. Floor coating is much harder to repair indoors, so the floor coat needs to withstand the test of time and prevent dust from rising to the surface.

When it comes to floor coating, indoor car parks have a very specific set of requirements. You can use floor coating in your private garage or much larger indoor car parks. Here are the different types of floor coatings and paint you could use in an indoor car park.

Cast concrete floor

Precast flooring is often used for indoor parking areas because it is good-quality, affordable and durable. There are multiple types of precast concrete, and each can be used for a different purpose, such as a road barrier, wall or block. Cast concrete flooring is quick, and the project can begin straight away. It’s easy to maintain uniformity across the indoor car park with this material, and it will last a long time.

Floor paint

Floor paint can be used to make markings for spaces and traffic lanes in indoor car parks. A concrete cover with a paint finish is one of the most common options used for indoor car parks. Paint can also be used to give the floor a new lease of life. Concrete isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing material and can begin to look tired over time – even if it is structurally durable. Give it a fresh lick of paint, and you’re good to go!

Resin flooring

Dust and displaced particles are a problem in indoor car parks. Fortunately, resin flooring is easy to clean with machines and pressure washes, so your floor can stay sparkling new for years to come. Epoxy and polyurethane resin floor coating absorb sound and insulate your building from excess noise. You can choose between matte or glossy resin flooring in multiple colours to make your floor precisely the way you want it.

Epoxy floor coating is tough, resilient, and perfect for long-lasting floor markings. It can also help reduce the presence and damage of oil stains, tire marks, brake fluid spills and pedestrian traffic.  Win, win!

It also has anti-slip features and is resistant to moisture and water. When a car drives into the indoor car park covered in rainwater, the epoxy floor coating will protect your floor from water damage. Highly reflective epoxy coatings also reflect light in larger areas and can help to brighten up your indoor car park. Say goodbye to sky-high electricity prices and hello to a smart floor coating!

Choose the best floor coating for you and your indoor car park.