Email marketing is an incredibly effective form of digital advertising. It is permission-based, helping companies to build a better relationship with their loyal customers. It has also been proven to drive more traffic and sales to ecommerce businesses. However, some organisations give up on their email marketing campaigns prematurely because they haven’t yet seen the results they want. Often, this comes down to the fact they aren’t using an email marketing service. Rather than spending the money on a professional platform, they would rather manually create and send their emails, which is ultimately a waste of time. Service providers, on the other hand, take all the difficulty out of email marketing campaigns and produce definitive results. Need further convincing? Then read on to discover all the different reasons why your business should invest in an email marketing service if you haven’t already.

Time/Cost Effectiveness

Everyone knows that time is money in the business world. Manually creating and sending emails isn’t a cost-effective exercise because you’re spending several hours on something which probably isn’t yielding very good results anyway. Luckily, email service providers can fix this problem for you. Using automation, they can send thousands of messages within seconds. This means staff can quickly deliver their emails to clients/customers and then use their work hours more productively. So, save yourself some time and money with an email marketing service provider.

Reach More Customers

Delivering emails manually isn’t just laborious. It’s also ineffective and unfeasible. There’s simply no way you can reach everybody on your contact list. However, this isn’t a problem with an email marketing service. Their automated systems will make sure your message reaches everyone on your contact list. That’s not all. Over 4 billion people have an email account, making this the biggest digital channel in the world. Email marketing campaigns can widen your outreach, allowing you to access all these potential customers.

Tailoring Content to Consumers

The top email marketing platforms can actually personalise your message’s content to each customer, depending on their purchase history or browsing habits. This allows businesses to chase up and close sales, generating further revenue. Moreover, it means your customers or clients won’t feel like they are being spammed with irrelevant messages because each email will be tailored to them and their interests. Email marketing services do this by segmenting your contact list and only sending messages when prompted. They can even send email reminders to customers who were in the middle of a purchase and abandoned their shopping cart at the last minute.

Better Deliverability Rates

Nothing is more likely to sink your email marketing campaign than having your messages classified as ‘spam’ by the recipient. You’ll never reach your customers and clients if they don’t open your emails. So, what is there to be done about the dreaded spam folder? Well, email marketing services can help you achieve better deliverability rates, so you are able to avoid being classified as spam. They do this with their tailored content and dedication to delivering mass emails which maintain a high quality. Your email marketing campaign is bound to succeed with better deliverability rates, as people will actually be opening your messages and reading them, as opposed to deleting them.

Receiving Performance Analytics

One of the best things about an email marketing service is the fact that they will provide you with performance analytics. This data will show how your business’s email marketing campaign is doing. Performance analytics usually contain information about open-rate, bounce-rates, click-through rates, ectara. With this knowledge, you can identify where your email marketing is successful and where it is ineffective. From here, you can make the appropriate changes and improve your overall campaign. For instance, if the performance analytics highlight that your click-through rate is low, you can surmise that you haven’t included enough ‘calls-to-action’ within the content.

Designing Attractive Emails

Attractiveness is everything when it comes to marketing. If you want your email marketing campaign to be effective, then you need to make your messages look appealing and professional. Service providers can supply you with the design tools for doing so. For example, their email templates will be fully customisable, allowing you to incorporate your company’s logo and colour scheme into your messages.

Managing Your Unsubscribes

Inevitably, people will unsubscribe from your email marketing campaign, no matter how exemplary your content is. It’s very important to quickly manage unsubscribes because otherwise you could begin spamming someone who doesn’t want to receive your messages. This could lead them to report your business to their provider, which will have a hugely detrimental impact on your email marketing campaign. Thankfully, email marketing services are very responsive in this regard. They will automatically update your contact list for you.

What are you waiting for? Now you’ve read all our reasons for using an email marketing service, invest in one yourself today.