Dating in the 21st century is anything but simple. These days, it seems like there are more ways than ever to end up feeling unlucky in love.

Yet while dating has certainly become more complicated, the modern world also offers plenty of different options for meeting your partner.

So, if you’re hoping to meet the one, here are three different avenues for you to try.

Dating shows

Reality TV shows about love have dominated our screens in recent years, and if you’re bold enough, applying to a dating show could be the trick to landing a partner.

Some of these shows have success rates higher than you might think. According to survey data from Hunkemoller, Love is Blind on Netflix has the highest reality show success rate, with a third (33%) of couples still together after filming.

Too Hot to Handle has a 30% success rate, while Love Island trails just behind with 27% of couples still together.

Love Island has also led to four marriages and five children, making it the best bet for those looking for long-term love.

There are some shows, however, that you may want to avoid.

Hunkemoller’s research found that Dinner Date has only successfully matched one long-term couple, while just 2% of Naked Attraction couples have gone the distance.

First Dates has only done marginally better, with just 3% of couples still together long-term.

Dating apps

In the modern world, you can’t escape dating apps if you’re looking for a partner.

For the greatest range of dating options, try some of the mainstream apps like Tinder and Bumble first.

If you can’t find success there, there are dozens of alternative apps available to suit niche interests and preferences.

This includes Veggly for vegans, Dig for dog lovers and Tastebuds, an app which matches you with a partner based on musical preferences.

Speed dating

While it might not be everyone’s favourite activity, speed dating can be a fun and efficient way to meet a potential partner.

With Hunkemoller survey data showing that more than two-thirds of Brits would like to meet their partner “the old-fashioned way”, it’s also a great way to meet someone in real life.

Speed dating offers the advantage of seeing someone in person and judging the chemistry between you. This avoids the awkwardness of meeting with someone you’ve matched with online and discovering there isn’t a spark.

The best way to go into a speed dating event is with an open mind and some questions to ask each person you “date” during the evening. Throw on some sexy red lingerie under an outfit you feel comfortable in and bring the most confident, bubbly version of yourself to the event! You never know who you might meet.

Try to relax and enjoy yourself. That way you’ll have fun even if you don’t happen to meet the one.