As a homeowner, you may know what loft extensions are. But for the benefit of those that do not know what it is, this article will look into what loft extensions are. You can then decide on whether you should get one or not. You can see some great examples at Touchstone lofts Oxford.

A well-structured and planned loft conversion refers to the process of transforming or converting an attic space into a functional living area like an office space, a bedroom, or games room. This type of conversion is gaining much popularity because of the many benefits that come with it.

Why you need a loft conversion specialist

As appealing and inviting as the idea of a loft conversion is, it can be a quite demanding and complicated process for a homeowner. It is for this reason that you need to get the help of a loft conversion specialist.

Another reason the popularity of loft extensions have soared in recent years is that is it very helpful to homeowners. When you think of it, a once unusable room can be transformed into a livable space. This means that the market value of such property can increase by up to 20%. See more about this here:

When you contact a loft conversion specialist, you will come to learn that there are two major types of loft conversions. This relates to the roof window and dormer conversion.

What does a roof and dormer conversion involve?

A roof window conversion refers to the process of installing a certain kind of roof window. This type of window encourages sunlight to reflect sufficient light into the apartment all through the day.  You also get to love the view of the roof window from the outside.

The dormer conversion is a more demanding process because it calls for increasing the headroom and space in the attic, installing windows, and making space where permanent staircase will be installed.

Before getting started with setting up a loft extension, the loft specialist will have to inspect the attic space that is available to decide if is feasible for conversion. This process is important because there must be adequate space and enough headroom for the access stairs.  And not just that; the roof also needs thorough inspection to ensure that it is leak-free and sound-proof before embarking on work.

In some cases, you might be required to apply for planning permits and other necessary documents from local authorities. That way, you will not encounter any disruption when you start the loft conversion.

You will require permits when you want to add external construction such as installing roof windows, completing a roof extension, or to make space for a staircase access. If, on the other hand, there are no major external constructions to be made and just internal conversion work, then you will not need to obtain a permit for such.

Having a loft extension in your home has great potentials; however, the process is usually complex and can be quite expensive. To get the best out of your space, you may need to contact a loft conversion specialist to help you out.