The holiday season is over, and it is also the time to get back to work. Schools are also beginning a new term and children will begin the daily ritual of leaving their homes and returning later in the day, only to do it all over the next morning. Most households try to ensure that the needs and requirements of the new season are adequately provided for. Adults and children alike need appropriate outfits and materials suitable for school and work. After all the Christmas and New Year shopping and celebrations, the last thing anyone wants is to spend more money and possibly incur more debt than they already have. There are a few things one can do to ensure a good financial plan for the New Year and avoid breaking the bank.

  1. Stick to the budget

Making a budget and maintaining the discipline to stick to it is one guaranteed way of staying within one’s financial boundary. A budget should outline the amount one is willing to spend on whatever item is needed and should be strictly complied with. Along with the budget, avoid buying items that were not planned for. Often, this is the primary reason why people exceed their budget. Impulse buying is a sure-fire way of exceeding one’s budget and breaking the bank. It is wise to always stick to the items budgeted for as this prevents overspending.

  1. Buy in bulk or bundles

Buying certain items in bulk is a proven shopping strategy for saving money. Certain items, when bought in bulk, will save a lot of money than if bought singularly over some time. This is especially true during back to work and back to school. These are products that will always be relevant and needed as the seasons roll by. They could range from groceries to stationeries. Food products that have a long shelf life should be purchased in bulk where necessary, so also should items like school books and stationery. Certain stores go the extra mile and provide New Year bundles for their customers. These packages not only contain a complete set of items, but they also do so at heavily discounted prices allowing customers the opportunity to save more money as opposed to if they bought them in pieces. Retail discount store, TheWorks offers these New Year packages in books, stationery and, artist equipment and has 5 stores in London as well as an online store.

  1. Shop cheaper alternatives

Another cheat sheet to save on spending is to shop cheaper alternatives for the items one wishes to get. No matter the product, there is always an alternative out there that will provide the same functionality and even better quality for less the price.

  1. Use coupons

Coupons allow one the chance to purchase items at heavily discounted prices thus saving extra money. Whatever the item, it is fairly easy to find coupons for it by visiting online stores that sell the product for free coupons or from newspaper clippings.


The New Year comes with financial demands that are both new or carried over from the previous year. To save money and avoid exorbitant spending, apply some of these tips will help you to keep finances in order.