Wooden flooring has gained popularity among homeowners. It is seen as a practical flooring. The reasons are many, but the main attraction is its easy maintenance. Solid wood flooring adds elegance and warmth that any room looks good.  Though flooring cannot be chosen only based on its looks, there are various factors to consider and make an informed decision.

Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood has its traditional authenticity and it lasts for generations. The solid wood flooring can be refinished, sanded, restrained, and restored several times. The oak traditional styles are common, while the wide-plank floors in grey are popular.

Solid hardwood is the choice of most people as it is easy to install. Installing over a concrete slab easily as possible as it does not need installing a subfloor.

Homeowners choose solid wood flooring for its longevity and classic appeal, though its price is a cause of concern for consumers.  However, people pining for wood flooring can go through the advantages.


  • Durable: Solid wood flooring is extremely durable on giving the right kind of care that it lasts for a lifetime.
  • Great in Appearance: The wooden flooring beauty lies in the simplicity that it makes the rooms look beautiful. Thus, it adds warmth to space.
  • High resale value: Solid wood flooring offers luxe and rich look, thereby increases your home value, ensuring a higher sale value.
  • Versatile: Decorating a space with wood flooring augments the home décor accents. It also complements beautifully the wood flooring.


This solid wood flooring comprises of real wood that is harvested from various trees such as pine, walnut, and oak. Its durability feature ensures longer life, if well-maintained. It comes pre-finished featuring a protective layer on the top such that it must be distanced from moisture.

Solid wood flooring offers the value for money. It is appropriate for people wishing to use for a longer time the same flooring. However, they must take good care. This flooring is also suitable for people ready to install different flooring types in different parts of the same house.


Solid wood flooring offers a much-desired luxurious look. It offers authentic wood finish and using premium quality offers real value for money. Do not miss out on adding the finishing touches as these details can break or make the success. Trace the contours so that it is cut and fit as per the guide and finally the spacers and trims are removed.