London is a city with a myriad of romantic locations to take your date. In fact, it is almost impossible not to find one. Depending on your interests, from romantic walks, to cosy coffee shops and flirty wine bars, there is something for every kind of lover in London, and these five places are only the beginning.

1. Take a long romantic walk on London’s Mews streets

Are you a fan of hand-holding slow walks, narrow-street scenery and witty conversations? Then re-enact the ‘Before Sunrise’ movie with your partner along the London mews streets. One of my favourites is Kynance Mews.
For those who are unfamiliar with the place, Mews are little streets usually lined with cobble stones, that run behind or vertical to the major roads in London. In the past, they served as locations for carriage houses and horse stables before cars became a major feature. Today, mews have become lovely spots and some of the most desirable (read expensive) places to live in London.

2. Sip easy at Gordon’s Wine Bar

This dark discreet bar is the perfect place to steal away and indulge your vino vices with a lover. Thought to be the oldest wine bar in London, Gordon’s Wine Bar was established in 1890 and evokes an atmosphere reminiscent of Victorian London. You cannott go wrong by bringing that special person here.
The bar boasts of being the place where time stands still, and urges guests to make the most of it. From the entrance, lovers will find themselves in a room with old wooden walls covered in ancient newspapers. It does give off an aura of time travel, perfect for whispering secrets over scrumptious meals and delicious tasting wine.

3. Chill comfortably at The Aubin Cinema

A movie lover’s haven. Take your ‘Netflix and Chill’ to the Aubin Cinema. This cinema presents you with a cosy, snug experience while you watch a movie, maybe Notting Hill? Okay, it does not have to be a rom-com. But you will love this place for a toned-down date night out. Complete with comfortable couches and blankets, it is perfect for a first date.

4. Enjoy a Summer Picnic at Primrose Hill

Picnics never go out of style. Pack your food basket, drinks and a rug, and head out to Primrose Hill. There are many ways to admire the picturesque scenery as you whisper sweet nothings into each others ears. If you are feeling competitive, take some board games with you. Word on the meadow is that the occasional celebrities have been sighted here too.

5. Go Dancing at the Levant Lounge

For a more upbeat date, take your significant other to the Levant Lounge for a mix of deep colours, candlelit ambience and luxuriant fabrics. This seductive atmosphere is perfect for rekindling romance. Levant comes well complemented with sweet cocktails and entertainment in form of sinuous belly-dancers. A DJ lights up the place for couples to enjoy some late-night dancing during weekends.