Due to an unexpected spate of events, it may seem like some of London’s cherished restaurants and bars are closing. However, there are new openings to balance things up. You know what they say; when one door closes, another opens.

Here are four new additions to the London scene of feeding, cocktail sipping and late night partying.

1. Oktoberfest East

This bar located at The Oval, London is just seven days old. The Oktoberfest celebration will be commemorated with food provided by the Art of Dining and music by Hackney Colliery Band. If you are a beer lover, hover over to Oval Space for a never-before-seen Bavarian-themed experience.

Set under an Alpine canopy, Oktoberfest has imbibed traditional aspects of the Bavarian beer festival to the centre of East London. The ostensible twist is the partnership between the Hacker-Pschorr brewery – an exciting pair, The Art of Dining and professional beer events enterprise Beers, Bars & Beyond.

The Hackney Colliery Band, a nine-piece brass group known for their popular covers such as No Diggity and Africa will be providing live entertainment.

2. Yosma

Located on Baker Street, Yosma is a traditional Turkish restaurant that brings the taste of Middle Eastern cuisine to Marylebone. The restaurant specialises in grilled meats and contains a Meyhane, a Turkish bar with emphasis on beer and wine. Yosma serves a rich selection of food all day, ranging from delicious meze dishes to main course meals with a focus on coal-cooked meat.

Yosma is the brainchild of executive chef, Hus Vedat, who is Turkish by origin. Staying close to his heritage, he infuses his meals with Turkish dumplings stuffed with lamb neck, yoghurt sauce, spices, oils and mint. For a rewarding experience of Turkish delight head to Baker Street.

3. Meatliquor East Dulwich

This burger and booze joint is perfect for an evening after a long work day. The Meatliquor franchise itself is not new, but it opened a new outlet in East Dulwich. The joint which was founded by the duo Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis in 2010, has seen them expand to other UK cities including Leeds, Brighton and, wait for it…Singapore!

Lovers of Meatliquor can enjoy the same delicious treat at the new joint. Famous flavours include the Dead Hippie, which consist of two French mustard-sautéed beef patties, and their renowned Dead Hippie sauce.

4. Tiger Dram

Ever tried paring curry and whisky? Well, this new Indian restaurant dares you to. Tiger dram just opened in Battersea. Although Indian restaurants are not new to the London scene, this age-old tradition of curry and whisky combo brings a new twist to the experience.

The 25-seater Pop-up is a lovely affair in the back room of Cornish Tiger on Battersea Rise. But if you are unfamiliar with the area, locating it might prove a bit tricky. The entrance to Tiger Dram is almost clandestine, making it a worthwhile adventure for those who eventually find it. The founder, Zia Trench invites guests to an interesting experience of original Indian dining.