Hygiene is more than just keeping your body clean and fresh. Alongside the health benefits, it has so much to do with how you appear in society as an individual. Appearance and hygiene go hand in hand in describing the kind of person you are and the current lifestyle you have been committing yourself to.

Attending to our personal hygiene is something that has been taught to us since our childhood days-to the point that now we solely just do it out of habit, not knowing what the actual reasons were behind our mothers yelling at us as children to clean ourselves up after playing around outside all day. Brushing our teeth, taking a shower, putting on fresh clothes-it’s a part of our daily lifestyle. A good amount of people don’t think much of it and go about with their daily lives. However, if we consider the effects we get from staying firm to these childhood habits, we end up with a list of benefits that have a major influence in how we portray ourselves to those around us.

It’s not like we are completely clueless about the reasons why we should take care of our hygiene. Not physically taking care of ourselves can result in poor health and dangerous infections. But that is not all. Read on to understand a little bit more of why maintaining your personal hygiene and appearance can count a lot in your daily affairs.

Health is Wealth

The importance of health care is always stressed when it comes to your wellbeing. Taking care of your health should be one of your top priorities. Aside from giving you an alluring and attractive appearance, tending to your personal hygiene can save you from dangerous health hazards and possibly even terminal diseases. Make it a routine to keep yourself clean and groomed within your everyday schedule. Furthermore, avoid using other people’s belongings (toothbrushes, clothes, razors etc) for maintaining your personal hygiene. You could run the risk of having STDs. Check out bearded colonel razors– they are good quality products that function better and last longer than your average razors.

Physical Image

In this day and age, an engaging appearance counts as your best weapon. The reason for that is, we judge others according to how they look. For instance, take a look around you. Does the person next to you have greasy hair, bad breath or a bad smell emitting off from them? If so, you are most likely to feel appalled by them and avoid being near them in the future. Now imagine looking through others eyes-if you had that unhygienic getup as well, would people come near you? Not a chance.

People who don’t work on fixing their personal hygiene are usually the ones who don’t go out much or simply do not care for their physical appearance. In accordance, they lack personal hygiene and are even endangering themselves to health risks.

Social reasons

No matter how smart you are or have the brains of Einstein himself, if your appearance and hygiene scream “Toxic Accumulation” even from only the distance of a few feet away, you will end up with zero potential of socializing with people. No one wants to hang out with a person who reeks of stinky pheromones. Save yourself the mental torture and tend yourself to some good hygiene habits. It will aid you in working on your socialization skills.

Acceptance issues

We all have the desire to be a part of the crowd but with poor hygiene, you will end up being called inappropriate things behind your back and that is never good for your mental fortitude. Work on your hygiene– eventually you will become approachable and attractive. You will have more chances to be social, have people enjoy being around you, even get recruited or scouted by different agencies- just by keeping your personal hygiene in great shape. Furthermore, not only do you pull off a presentable appearance, but you are also taking care of your physical health as well.

Psychological Welfare

Notice the overall health of people who do not tend to their personal hygiene. You will find most of them do not care what society thinks of them, are extremely lazy, depressed, or are suffering from some disease caused by lack of proper health. In some cases, you will find all of these symptoms being harboured in one body. There are no better elements than these that can profusely destroy your mental fortitude.

Look out for your psychological well fare. Your mental health affects your daily activities and influences your mood swings. Maintain better hygiene and find yourself having more self-esteem, motivation and the self-confidence to take on any tasks thrown your way.

Invest in everyday habits to tend to your personal hygiene and overall appearance- it will result in a better and easier life for you and your body will end up thanking you for treating it with the care it deserves.