Your plumber doesn’t have to tell you everything they know. Most likely, if you call them in for a job, whether it’s gas boiler servicing or something else, they’ll make sure they fix the issue, then they’ll go on their way. Well, if you think about it, that’s all they’re getting paid for. Lucky for you, this article is here to shed some light on 4 things that are useful for you to know, plumbing-wise.

Shop Around

For emergency repairs, it’s very likely that you won’t have the time to shop around since you will need the issue fixed as soon as possible. Of course, even in this case, the best thing you can do is to already have the number of a plumber for which you shopped around ahead of time. Now, this may not be a big deal for small repairs, but if you’re dealing with a major issue, your best bet is to ask for at least 3 estimates, and then weigh those against the reputation of the plumber, and only then decide who you’re going to hire.

In fact, doing so is a good idea even when one is in a rush, because sometimes, the first plumber someone contacts may not have the part needed for the job, which means that they may have to wait for a while until they can get their hands on it. In this type of situation, one can ask other plumbers, who may just be able to get that part faster, thus being able to complete the job faster.

You Have a Choice When it Comes to Parts

Let’s say your plumber recommends a copper pipe, which is quite expensive. Now, while copper pipes are likely to be the best choice, if you are struggling with money, there are other options you could go for, such as PVC pipes. Of course, for this, you may need to do a bit of research in order to find out what other options you have, and if you also lack the needed time, then you’re going to have to talk to the plumber and see if they have alternative parts they could work with.

Keep the Allen Key

Most garbage disposers come equipped with an Allen key, but most people end up throwing them out, thinking that they are not likely to ever use them again. However, this is a big mistake, since when there are jams, you could be fixing them on your own, rather than have to call a plumber. Indeed, the owner’s manual likely contains information on how to do that, but you will need that Allen key, which is why you should be sure to store it somewhere.

There are Things that Are Easy to Fix

Well, it makes sense that your plumber isn’t going to come over and tell you that the issue you’re dealing with is something you could be fixing on your own. For instance, if you’re dealing with a toilet handle that is loose, all you have to do is replace the valve, which is likely to cost only a few dollars. Another example of an easy fix is a running toilet, which could have several causes, including a flapper or a fill valve that need to be replaced. In both of these cases, you could be fixing that on your own.

When it comes to plumbing issues, there are ways in which you could be saving money or time or both. Of course, your plumber may not tell you that right away, which is why getting informed is your best bet.