Are you going to start up your company? As a new business owner, surely you have a lot to think about. But among them, employment law is the area that every small business needs to get right advice and support.

Employment Law

As the employment law is constantly changing and new legislation is due to take effect over the next few years, it’s quite necessary for you to have access to information and expertise to rely on if you don’t want to break your bank.

You have access to good advice, which is quite essential. If all of a sudden, an issue arises within your workforce, don’t think of taking action without talking to a professional beforehand. Doesn’t matter if they are full time, part time or temporary staff, it’s vital for you to ensure that your contracts clearly outline employment terms.

Legal Protection is What You Need

Even you need to think about some unusual and very unfortunate events too. Sometimes in some situations, employment relationship can go wrong and a dismissal or discrimination claim can be turned into a tribunal case by an employee. So, it is necessary for you to be prepared and ensure that you are protected. These claims can give you stress financially and emotionally and also take up your valuable time. But be relaxed. With legal protection, you can surely have peace in your business mind.

A New Scheme

This year, Department for Business, Skills and Innovation (BIS) has launched a mediation network in Manchester that will work as an essential part around the employment tribunal system. With 20 organizations, it will work to help businesses undergoing dispute cases and help them solve at lowest possible opportunity.

The scheme will be trialed for a full year by the volunteers from local businesses including FSB members before the Government looks at whether they can apply it throughout the whole nation. They have forwarded the project to an employment tribunal to reduce the number of cases and now has over 20 members ready to solve these cases. Other important changes are being made with the introduction of claimant fees at Employment tribunals. Besides, a simpler system has been introduced to access the governing compromise agreements. It is hoping to reduce employment disputes ending up in a tribunal cases with these measures taken.


Even after that, businesses should take the risk of being taken to a tribunal very seriously. According to official statistics, there were 186,300 employment tribunal cases in 2011/2012. On average £6,200 were spent by small businesses defending themselves at a tribunal that has been found by The Federation of the Small Businesses. According to 70% of employers, they have no legal cover against employees who are making unjust claims to tribunals. According to figures from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) , three in five employers have had an unfair dismissal claim brought against them by a staff member, with a discrimination claim in the hope of receiving more compensation .

Tensed being a business owner? Please don’t be. Because though employment claim can be very stressful, but it can be dealt smoothly with the right steps and provisions.