Founded in Norway, Nimber, allows “senders” and “bringers” to connect by saving and making money. These “bringers” would help “senders” carry out deliveries through journeys they were already making.

Nimber’s UK Launch

Although this Scandinavian service will officially be available across Britain in September of 2015, it was first launched in 2013 and made its way into the UK in April of 2015. Together with its web channel, the service would also be made available across Britain with its complete iOS app.

Nimber has been able to get a $850,000 investment in a bid to help it actualize its dream of expanding beyond its 40,000 user base. To top it up, they have recruited Debbie Wosskow, who is an expert on sharing economy.

With a view to expanding its reach and doubling its size by the end of the year, the company is looking to close deals with retail and ecommerce partners to help out with its services. Although this would underscore its community-centric layout, it holds to strengthen trust from its consumers and business partners.

When it comes to having the best hands for the job, Nimber has definitely made the right call by hiring Wosskow. As a proponent of the British sharing economy, she is the chairwoman of Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) and founder of Love Home Swap.

In her words, she said, “I’m delighted to be joining Nimber as a board advisor. They are one of the most exciting sharing economy start-ups in the UK right now… I’m looking forward to working with the management team to help scale the business – and to continue to make the UK the home of the sharing economy.”

Funding Provided

With this new investment, Nimber has received a total funding of $1.25 million. These funds were provided by Investment Bankers SJP Holdings, Swiss Family Offices, Remi Berthon, Christophe Spanier, and Laurent Raymond.

While these investments were a good way to secure partnerships, it would also help the company make necessary expansions in its marketing, community, operations, and technical divisions. In an attempt to have a stronghold and conquer the rest of Europe, the company named London as its headquarters.

Ari Kestin, Nimber CEO, in a statement said, “It’s great to see how positively the UK is embracing the sharing economy, people are really getting the concept and incorporating it into their everyday lives.”

“We’re really keen to build on this interest and momentus, and so we’re focusing on leveraging investment to build a robust team to drive our presence in the UK market and beyond. By the end of 2015, we plan to have doubled the company in size in terms of employees and have considerably increased our community base.”