Nowhere else are city buses as famous as they are in London, and there’s good reason for it too. Although Londoners are often found complaining about them, most will admit that it’s hard to find a better alternative public transport vehicle that will get you to almost all locations around the city, at a more affordable rate. One may argue that tubes are a better option, but that’s only for longer journeys.

However, that is not the only thing about the big red buses that make them so interesting. Here are five surprising facts about the London bus that are likely to surprise most readers, and one of them may even surprise the bus drivers themselves!

Manspreading is Not Allowed

Manspreading is not allowed on London’s red buses if someone is sitting next to you. While the LPTB has not put up signs like buses in Madrid have, it is considered to be both a courtesy, as well as an unspoken rule for men (or women) to not spread their legs beyond a feasible distance when someone is sitting right next to them. If the seat next to you is empty though, it is for you to decide.

Nearly All London Buses Can be Live Tracked

Although it should be common knowledge by now, it may still come as a surprise to even some of the older regular riders that you can essentially track the buses on your route via GPS. All you need is your smartphone and you will know when your bus will be arriving, even if it is late. Visit the government website to know exactly how to set it up because it just takes a few minutes or less!

Car Insurance for Bus Drivers is Usually Cheaper

Unknown to even the majority of the drivers themselves, it’s true that private car insurance for bus drivers can be a lot cheaper than it would be for most other professionals. Of course, your car insurer may not ever tell you that if you don’t ask, so pay a visit to Quotezone instead. The site explains how and why car insurance for bus drivers can be cheaper under certain circumstances, while at the same time provides bus drivers with a digital platform to compare those discounts and final quotes from the top insurance companies across the UK.

You Cannot Pay Your Bus Fare in Cash

This is not a new development on account of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, but cashless buses have been around for a while now in London. It certainly helps during these troubled times, but the contactless payment only (Oyster Cards for the most part) rule was originally established with the goal to eliminate the need for carrying change around.

Admittedly, it may not always be the best idea to ride a bus through one of London’s busiest long routes during peak hours if you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Not that you won’t get there, but London’s infamous traffic congestion and the size of those big red vehicles will not help you get there in time! Nevertheless, the iconic red buses are a novelty all on their own, and if you follow all the rules and pick a good, short route, the journey can be surprisingly fast on most days.