We all know that unworthy vehicles should be off the roads especially if you regularly drive in areas like London or nearby. A vehicle with over three years must undergo a test from the ministry of transport to check if the car is roadworthy. If your car has hit the deadline of its registration, then it requires the test and if passed, it becomes your anniversary date where you are recommended to redo the test every year on the same date as the last one.

At this test, cars fail due to many different reasons as it only requires one fail to rule your car out of the test. The best part is that you can maximize the chances of your car passing the test the first time by just following simple steps and noting down the best checkpoints to deal with while at home.


Having completed the following list and a couple of others your car will surely be ready for the test. Remember to always go to a trustworthy and authorized test provider to receive the best services. DAT Tyres offers MOT in London & you can book an appointment online now.

Basic pre-checklist you need to note.

Sparing half an hour to carry out your pre-check before the actual test will surely save you some expenses and mostly your time as you don’t want to spend a whole week trying to pass the test. Here you will get some basic areas for both interior and exterior where you will have to check out if they are correctly set.

  1. Check the interiors.

As you start your checklist, it is always advisable to start with the interiors first even though most of the key points in the test are based on the exterior mechanics and bodywork. Your interior has some small details that should not be the reason why you fail the test.

  • Seat Belts and seats.

Confirm that your front seats are in the best condition ever, especially the driver’s seat. It should be able to adjust both backwards and frontwards with all seatbelts working correctly at the right length.

  • Horn.

It is highly advisable that your horn is loud. It should be loud enough that a user on the other side of the road hears. Check its tone out making sure it is emitting a single long tone.

  • Try out your hand brake.

Your hand brake should be able to stationary hold the car in any circumstance. Test it before the test for an easy pass.

  1. Check out the exterior areas.

Having done some of the interior parts, jump to the exterior checklist where you will consider things like;

  • Confirm the indicators and headlights.

It is always important that your lights are well functioning and testing them won’t be a problem. The sidelights, headlights, indicators, hazard and rear lights should be all working.

  • The brake lights.

The backlights should immediately switch on when you hit the brakes and the best way to confirm is by telling a friend to help in the lookout while you reverse. He should tell you whether the lights are showing when you step on breaks.

  • Number plate.

If your number plate has issues, then your car will definitely fail the test. Make sure it is legible and most importantly clean. Also, confirm the letter spacing and front making sure they hit the legal requirements.