When watching TV or films – or even just browsing job listings – we will often see that big corporations are able to offer massive lists of perks alongside a pay packet. From company cars to extra days off or private healthcare, there are so many things available for hard workers. Is it possible for smaller businesses to offer a similar system? Let’s take a look.

Scale It Down

In short, yes, small businesses are able to offer perks! You just need to make sure that you scale it down to the size of your business. Remember that big corporations are able to offer things to that scale because they have the budget to allow it across all employees at different levels. While someone on the board of directors might be getting a lot more than the mailroom clerk, the budget is still there to be able to give them everything they need.

You should be able to find a similar sort of scheme to a much lesser extent. It should appeal to your employees and their direct lives. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start, but there are some key things you should always opt for.

Which Benefits are for You?

There are so many benefits that you could choose to include in even a small business. The most important thing is to take a look at the precise needs of your employees and see what might work best for them. For example, you might decide to offer free snacks and beverages around the office. This means that they will always be able to fuel themselves properly, so they can focus on their work more closely. It also has an added benefit for you, as there will always be something for you to serve to clients when they stop by!

However, these are not the only things you could offer. If a large portion of your staff uses public transport to get to your office, you could offer some sort of voucher or compensation to help with the cost of a season pass for their journey. You could also offer other bundles, perhaps in partnership with a sister company, to be able to offer some truly unique experiences for your staff.

Keep an Eye on Things

You need a good software to keep track of these benefits, and something like the Zest Benefits platform should prove to be perfect for this. You need to make sure that you are aware of the benefits that your employees are choosing and which ones might be worth dropping.

For example, you might offer a discounted gym membership to your staff. However, if no-one takes you up on this offer then it is not going to be worth it to continue paying for the discount. Instead, you should reshuffle things and try to find a new deal that might be better suited to your employees. This will be a much better option overall, and could help you come up with something that could prove to be the most popular perk yet.

You don’t have to own a massive corporation to be able to offer your employees a competitive benefits package. Whether you own a small business with just you and a few employees or a good-sized enterprise, you should definitely think about some of the changes that you can introduce. Everyone loves a small perk when working, and there are so many choices out there for you to make! Each one could bring something new that could make your employees’ time with you that bit more special.