Business trips can be stressful due to their importance, but they can also be enjoyable if you follow these steps for a stress-free time.

Tips for Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular worldwide destinations for corporate travel, meaning that flights and transport here is extremely regular. Here are some tips for making your business trip run as smooth as possible.

Get a local SIM card for your phone

Staying connected is also easy as many international phone companies have agreements in place when using the internet and data roaming. But if you’re staying for a while, it might work out cheaper if you buy a local SIM card for the duration of your stay. This way you won’t eat up all of your data for the month!

Appreciate business cards

If you receive a business card you should appreciate it and take time to read it, as it’s common courtesy here to do so. Don’t just go to put the card straight in your wallet or bag as this could look disrespectful and like you haven’t considered the time and effort put in by the other party.

Have a serviced apartment with amenities

Serviced apartments in Singapore are great for when you want your business trip experience to feel like home away from home. Instead of booking into a busy hotel where it might be noisy and you could struggle to sleep, prebook a serviced apartment with amenities and fully relax after each meeting. You can request services when you need them, but you won’t be pestered, meaning that you can have some quality ‘you’ time and unwind after a hard day of business deals and listening.

Be prepared for corporate entertaining

Singapore is also great for corporate entertaining with many meetings being held over lunch or dinner. Research the venue where your meetings will take place prior to them as certain things, like smoking, can be prohibited and isn’t deemed socially acceptable. With this, you should always aim to dress sharp and smart so that you’re prepared in the event that this happens. Dressing well shows intelligence, dedication, and that you are serious about the meeting.

Things to do in Singapore

Although you are travelling for business, you should always make time to explore a new country when you visit. Singapore is packed with amazing culture, nightlife, and history to discover. Whether you’re into art, food, music, or anything else, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone in this city. Here are some ideas for those looking to explore during their time here.