The professionals at Double Glazing Rutland in Rutland are able to give you double glazing that can be arranged with many different kinds of glass. Security glass is also an option for double glazing feature which can gives you improved security because it does not break easily; in other words, it does not break easily and prevent vandalism or infraction. In fact, British Standards Association does not put any restriction regarding any terms and conditions that should be filled to apply security glass. Risks should be factored in any insurance requirements and be evaluated depending on the particular situation.

How does it work?

Customers ask Double Glazing Rutland ( are all double glazing windows the same and the reply no because double glazing made with security glass is usually laminated glass made up of a couple or more glass sheets with one or more interlayers of PVB. The entire construction is bound together through the use of pressure and heat, causing a total sticking of glass and interlayer. Even if the windows get broken someday, the pieces of the glass will still stick to the plastic interlayer and the window will endure using the last pieces of it until it gets repaired. You can choose where to insert the laminated security glass. It can be placed both on the inner pane or outer pane of a double glazing window, but you have to be meticulous about the framing system.
Laminated glasses with various degrees of security and safety can be gained by changing the number and thickness of each of the fire glass and interlayer elements. Security glass that can be produced that can guard against several kinds of dangers by using it own set of BS standard regulations.

What is the Protection Advantage of Utilising Security Laminated Glass Rather Than Toughened Glass with Industry Standard in Doors and Windows Wherein Security Glazing is Obliged?

Let’s examine the difference between these two glass types.
Laminated Glass. As already stated layered glass has the same strength as conventional glass, but it consists of two pieces of glass including a sandwich of the plastic interlayer. The difference is that there is no gap left for burglars to enter or cause dangerous pieces of glass to fall out when it is damaged, since the plastic interlayers keep the glass together. Similar glass type is used in car window screens and shops front.
Toughened Glass. Toughened glass is up to five times as powerful as conventional glass which indicates that it has to be hammered much harder to break; also when it does break it is into lots of small pieces which are much less dangerous. It is the same glass you see within bus stops as well as telephone boxes wherein you must have watched it shattered to tiny fragments on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. Standard annealed glass is the type of glass that does not require safety glazing and when it gets broken, the glass does not break into tiny pieces, but it gets shattered into rough medium sized pieces. There is no need to replace this kind of glass, since burglars would be afraid to break and enter because of the deep cut this type of glass can inflict when broken. Our company has built our reputation over the years by providing double glazing installation and repair services from time to time in London. The Home Counties Double Glazing Rutland has witnessed how theft cases are increasing in numbers, and we know that they got in through the rear French, Patio, and back doors of which has been enhanced by toughened glass now. This company strongly recommends the use of layered security glass in residential houses ground floor prone to break in requiring safety glass. Toughened glass is not a guarantee that your house is safe from any thief. It is easy to break the glass. All that it takes is one hit and it will be shattered into pieces – no tricky methods such as picking locks. When it breaks, it does not create much noise or rough edges to put the thief into certain danger.
How do you know whether you have toughened or laminated glass? ( There will be a kitemark on the corners of the glass that you can check, it will tell you what type of glass it is – whether it is toughened or laminated. The Kitemark for toughened glass is bs en 12150 and bs en 12150 for laminated glass What Assistance Do Your Require from Double Glazing Rutland?
Unless you look at the kitemark, improving your current installation of toughened glass without noticing any big difference is very easy and pocket friendly, because nothing else needs to change except the glass, which needs replacing; no doors or frames are replaced and nothing gets removed. Double Glazing Rutland in Rutland cares about your safety at your property, so if you are interested in our laminated glass or even have several questions about our service, do not hesitate to contact Double Glazing Chelmsofrd on 0800 246 5843 or visit our website you will get a free quote from us, too when you reach to us.