The professionals from Double Glazing Bradford within West Yorkshire give double glazing with various kinds of glass such as security glass which gives defense from hostility and could serve as a significant restraint from transgression and vandalism. As opposed to safety glass, there are no statutory demands from the British Standards Association concerning where security glass should be used. Risks should be factored in any insurance requirements and be evaluated depending on the particular situation.

How it Works

Double Glazing Bradford are often asked why doulble glazing works and it is because security glass is laminated glass in which two or more sheets of glass are comprised with one or more PVB interlayers. Heat and pressure are used to bond the whole assembly together, resulting in the complete adherence of interlayers and glass. In the event of breakage, the glass particles remain connected to the plastic interlayer, and the window keeps a unconsumed strength while awaiting replacement. Coated security glass is attached on the inside or outside of a double glazing window pane provided it is secured in position in the frame system.
Laminated glasses with various degrees of security and safety can be gained by changing the number and thickness of each of the fire glass and interlayer elements. There are BS standard needs for security glass capable of providing security against various types of potential damages.

What is the Protection Advantage of Utilising Security Laminated Glass Rather Than Toughened Glass with Industry Standard in Doors and Windows Wherein Security Glazing is Obliged?

First of all, we would discuss the distinction between the kinds.
Laminated Glass. Laminated glass is actually just as sturdy as common glass, nevertheless you can see the difference on its construction where it contains two pieces of glass that consists overlapping plastic interlayer. When the glass breaks this interlayer keeps the entire piece intact so there would be no gap in the window for the trespasser to enter through for instance or huge free fragments which could injure. It’s the same glass you find in shop fronts and car windscreens.
Toughened Glass. Toughened glass is up to five times as powerful as conventional glass which indicates that it has to be hammered much harder to break; also when it does break it is into lots of small pieces which are much less dangerous. It’s the same glass that you will find in the phone boxes and bus stops where you may have seen it broken into small pieces on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. When you need glass that shatters into spiky pieces or when protection glass in not needed, this kind of glasses is used. Thieves are wary of the dangers of being cut by sharp glasses during attempt to gain entrance through a broken window and that is a special added advantage. Double Glazing Bradford has been in the business of windows provision, installation and repairs in the industry for years in London and Home Counties have noted that most break ins are through French, Patio and back doors with easy hardened glass installations to break. We now suggest the client to get Laminated security glass within any place where security glass is required on the ground floor. Toughened glass is not a guarantee that your house is safe from any thief. It is easy to break the glass. All that it takes is one hit and it will be shattered into pieces – no tricky methods such as picking locks. When it breaks, it does not create much noise or rough edges to put the thief into certain danger.
How do you determine the type of glass that you have, whether it is toughened or laminated glass? ( In question for a kitemark, you will need to look in the corners of the glass, which will state whether or not it’s toughened or laminated. Toughened Kitemark code is bs en 12150 Laminated Kitemark code is bs en 14449 How can Double Glazing Bradford Help?
If your existing glazing is toughened & you would like to upgrade it, it’s an outspoken cost-effective matter of just reinstating the glass, no new cases or doors are required and nothing gets spoiled, in fact, the only way you would be able to remark it is different is by looking at the kitemark. Double Glazing Bradford in West Yorkshire is keen on improving security and safety measures in homes, that is the reason you should all Double Glazing Bradford for free quote without obligation on installation of layered glass, contact us on phone number 0800 246 5843 or visit our website for further information.