The professionals from Double Glazing Sheffield within South Yorkshire give double glazing with various kinds of glass such as security glass which gives defense from hostility and could serve as a significant restraint from transgression and vandalism. Compared to safety glass, there are no legal obligations from the association of British Standards regarding where the security glass should be utilised. Danger must be evaluated on every case and should take into consideration whatever insurance particulars.

How it usually works

Visit Double Glazing Sheffield know that security glass looks just like any other laminated glass, applying two or more sheets of glass with one or more additions of PVB interlayer which is why double glazing windows are used. To achieve full adhesion between the glass and the sandwiched layers, the whole unit is bounded using pressure and high temperatures. In the event of breakage, the glass particles remain connected to the plastic interlayer, and the window keeps a unconsumed strength while awaiting replacement. You can choose where to insert the laminated security glass. It can be placed both on the inner pane or outer pane of a double glazing window, but you have to be meticulous about the framing system.
Layered glasses have offer different ranks of security, depending on the number and /or thickness of the single sheet components used in putting the complete piece together during manufacturing. There are basic requirements from BS regarding security glass being able to providing defense from various kinds of potential dangers.

What are the benefits associated with the use of security bonded glasses in place of standard reinforced windows and doors glass in security glazing?

Let’s examine the difference between these two glass types.
Laminated Glass. Laminated glass is actually just as sturdy as common glass, nevertheless you can see the difference on its construction where it contains two pieces of glass that consists overlapping plastic interlayer. Inner layer in between the two sheets of the layered glass keeps the broken glass particles in place leaving no hole for easy access in case of breakage for intruders and no dangerous pieces posing potential threats to occupants. Similar glass type is used in car window screens and shops front.
Toughened Glass. Toughened glass is 5 times stronger compared to the common glass. This strength makes it very hard for intruder to break in. When it gets broken, the glass will be shattered into small pieces so it will not be dangerous. It’s the same glass that you will find in the phone boxes and bus stops where you may have seen it broken into small pieces on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. This is utilised in each window wherein security glazing is not needed and once broken, shatters into uneven pieces. Because of the risk of deep wounds, thieves will nearly never attempt and get inside through this kind of glazing, therefore, altering this kind is not necessary. Our company has built our reputation over the years by providing double glazing installation and repair services from time to time in London. The Home Counties Double Glazing Sheffield has witnessed how theft cases are increasing in numbers, and we know that they got in through the rear French, Patio, and back doors of which has been enhanced by toughened glass now. Any place on the ground floor where protection glass is required, we now suggest that clients should have Laminated glass installed instead. Thieves break through hardened glass window or doors in seconds to gain entrance into the house with no noise, no danger of sharp broken glass from hardened glass similar to standard strengthened glass.
How do you determine the type of glass that you have, whether it is toughened or laminated glass? ( There will be a kitemark on the corners of the glass that you can check, it will tell you what type of glass it is – whether it is toughened or laminated. The Kitemark for toughened glass is bs en 12150 and bs en 12150 for laminated glass What Assistance Do Your Require from Double Glazing Sheffield?
Unless you look at the kitemark, improving your current installation of toughened glass without noticing any big difference is very easy and pocket friendly, because nothing else needs to change except the glass, which needs replacing; no doors or frames are replaced and nothing gets removed. Double Glazing Sheffield in South Yorkshire is keen on improving security and safety measures in homes, that is the reason you should all Double Glazing Sheffield for free quote without obligation on installation of layered glass, contact us on phone number 0800 246 5843 or visit our website for further information.