The professionals at Double Glazing Sussex in Sussex are able to give you double glazing that can be arranged with many different kinds of glass. Security glass is also an option for double glazing feature which can gives you improved security because it does not break easily; in other words, it does not break easily and prevent vandalism or infraction. When it comes to installing security glass other than safety glass, the British Standards association doesn’t have rules and regulations that must be followed. Potential danger is based on individual property assessment in conjunction with insurance provisions policy cover allowance.

How does it work?

Double Glazing Sussex are often asked why doulble glazing works and it is because security glass is laminated glass in which two or more sheets of glass are comprised with one or more PVB interlayers. Heat and pressure are used to bond the whole assembly together, resulting in the complete adherence of interlayers and glass. In case of impairment, the fragments of the glass stay connected to the plastic interlayer and the window holds an enduring force whilst waiting for substitution. Coated security glass is attached on the inside or outside of a double glazing window pane provided it is secured in position in the frame system.
Laminated glass having various degrees of defense and security could be acquired through changing the thickness and / or number of every fire glass as well as interlayer. There are BS standard requirements for security glass capable of giving protection against different types of possible hazards.

What are the benefits associated with the use of security bonded glasses in place of standard reinforced windows and doors glass in security glazing?

Let’s examine the difference between these two glass types.
Laminated Glass. Although laminated glass contains two glasses with a plastic interlayer, it has the same level of sturdiness as regular glass, as previously stated. When the glass breaks this interlayer keeps the entire piece intact so there would be no gap in the window for the trespasser to enter through for instance or huge free fragments which could injure. The glass is something that you may see during your everyday life. It is actually the same glass with the glass that you see in car windscreens and the glass that is used as shop entrance or windows.
Hardened Glass. Toughened glass is 5 times stronger compared to the common glass. This strength makes it very hard for intruder to break in. When it gets broken, the glass will be shattered into small pieces so it will not be dangerous. It’s the same glass that you will find in the phone boxes and bus stops where you may have seen it broken into small pieces on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. Standard annealed glass is the type of glass that does not require safety glazing and when it gets broken, the glass does not break into tiny pieces, but it gets shattered into rough medium sized pieces. There is no need to replace this kind of glass, since burglars would be afraid to break and enter because of the deep cut this type of glass can inflict when broken. Our company has built our reputation over the years by providing double glazing installation and repair services from time to time in London. The Home Counties Double Glazing Sussex has witnessed how theft cases are increasing in numbers, and we know that they got in through the rear French, Patio, and back doors of which has been enhanced by toughened glass now. Because of the increasing theft case, we suggest our customers to get laminated security glass installed in their house, especially on the entrance of the house on the lower floor. Toughened glass is not a guarantee that your house is safe from any thief. It is easy to break the glass. All that it takes is one hit and it will be shattered into pieces – no tricky methods such as picking locks. When it breaks, it does not create much noise or rough edges to put the thief into certain danger.
How do you determine the type of glass that you have, whether it is toughened or laminated glass? ( Check out the corners for special brand mark indication showing the manufacturing glass material conforms to your requirement preference make of hardened glass or layered glass. Toughened Kitemark code is bs en 12150 Laminated Kitemark code is bs en 14449 How can Double Glazing Sussex Help?
Unless you look at the kitemark, improving your current installation of toughened glass without noticing any big difference is very easy and pocket friendly, because nothing else needs to change except the glass, which needs replacing; no doors or frames are replaced and nothing gets removed. Double Glazing Sussex in Sussex cares about your safety at your property, so if you are interested in our laminated glass or even have several questions about our service, do not hesitate to contact Double Glazing Chelmsofrd on 0800 246 5843 or visit our website you will get a free quote from us, too when you reach to us.