Double glazing with different types of glass is provided by the experts at Double Glazing Wiltshire in Wiltshire including the security glass that can act as an important restraint against contravention and vandalism and offers protection against aggression. Compared to safety glass, there are no legal obligations from the association of British Standards regarding where the security glass should be utilised. Risks should be factored in any insurance requirements and be evaluated depending on the particular situation.

How it Works

You might ask Double Glazing Wiltshire why doulble glazing and the answer is that two or more sheets of coated glass with one or more PVB tightly slid in between make security glass. The entire construction is bound together through the use of pressure and heat, causing a total sticking of glass and interlayer. In case of damage, window glass particles stay fastened to the plastic overlay making the broken window intact and strong to wait for replacement. Coated security glass is attached on the inside or outside of a double glazing window pane provided it is secured in position in the frame system.
Layered glasses have offer different ranks of security, depending on the number and /or thickness of the single sheet components used in putting the complete piece together during manufacturing. Security glass that can be produced that can guard against several kinds of dangers by using it own set of BS standard regulations.

When security glazing is needed in windows and doors, what security advantage can you get from using Laminated Glass as opposed to conventional toughened glass?

Firstly the difference between the types will be explained.
Laminated Glass. As mentioned before, laminated glass has the similar resilience as common glass, however, it is made up of a couple of pieces of glass covering a sandwich of plastic interlayer. When the glass breaks this interlayer keeps the entire piece intact so there would be no gap in the window for the trespasser to enter through for instance or huge free fragments which could injure. It is similar to the glass you see in windscreens of cars and shop fronts.
Toughened Glass. Hardened glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass and that gives it the added security advantage in addition, the broken glass pieces are not loose and don’t pose danger to residents of the house in the event of damage to the window. It is the same glass you see within bus stops as well as telephone boxes wherein you must have watched it shattered to tiny fragments on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. Standard annealed glass is the type of glass that does not require safety glazing and when it gets broken, the glass does not break into tiny pieces, but it gets shattered into rough medium sized pieces. Because of the risk of deep wounds, thieves will nearly never attempt and get inside through this kind of glazing, therefore, altering this kind is not necessary. Counties Double Glazing Wiltshire have seen an increase in thieves getting entry through rear French, Patio and back doors where toughened glass had been installed. We now suggest the client have Laminated security glass in any areas where safety glass is required on the ground floor. Toughened glass, which also comes with conventional annealed glass, would take someone wanting to burgle your home one solid smash and no need to pick the locks or avoid spiky edges to enter your home.
Do you have laminated or toughened glass; how can you tell? ( There will be a kitemark on the corners of the glass that you can check, it will tell you what type of glass it is – whether it is toughened or laminated. Toughened Kitemark code is bn en 12150 and Laminated Kitemark code is bs en 144449 How could Double Glazing Wiltshire Assist?
It will be more convenient for you who already have a toughened glass because when you opt for an upgrade, it will not cost you a fortune, rather it is a very good and effective choice because all that you need is glass replacement without changing the frames or the doors. No big renovation would be done. By the time the upgrade is done, you can only notice the difference is at the kitemark. Double Glazing Wiltshire in Wiltshire is concerned about the safety and security of your home so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 246 5843 or visit if you would like Double Glazing Wiltshire to call out and see you for a free no obligation quotation on installing laminated glass.