OK so if you are not a business owner then the idea of getting your first sign or getting a new sign may not be that exciting. But for those people who own their own business, it is actually a really important process for a number of reasons. First of all, creating your own custom business sign can be a very important marketing tool if done correctly. Not only does it help get the name out there, but a sign is also something of atrophy of success. If a business needs a sign, then it really exists, and it is doing well. A good sign also says a lot to potential customers, employees and other visitors.

Sadly though, however exciting and important a sign might be there are a lot of choices that can end up not doing a very good job. Material choices can be a problem as well as colour, size and shape. So here is a useful guide to help you get the right sign for your business.


Getting the right material could mean the difference between having a sign to be proud of for many years or something you are either embarrassed of or something you need to change not long after getting it installed.


While this may be very traditional wood is not going to last as long as you may need it too. Wood is also likely to fade and could crack and warp from being exposed to heat, cold and the weather in general. That look might work for an antique shop but a misshapen faded sign isn’t going to look very good for a cutting edge business.


Corian signs can be the perfect choice for many businesses. There are plenty of companies that offer this kind of sign like https://www.uniquefabrications.co.uk/corian-signs and for good reason. Corian is a synthetic material that does not fade in bright light, nor will it warp or crack due to temperature changes. It can also come in any colour and due to how it is made can be layered giving rise to come very interesting design options.

Perspex and Acrylic

This was a go-to for many years when people wanted something modern. There are thousands of business units with a perspex sign on the wall by the entrance. While this kind of sign can withstand temperature changes it can also be very brittle. The way the lettering is stuck to the surface can also be a problem because it can shrink over time. That being said, this type of sign is very cost effective https://www.vistaprint.co.uk/signs-posters/acrylic-signs

Natural Stone

While Slate, Granite and other stone can look amazing it doesn’t come without problems. This kind of sign is very heavy, and it is also brittle. So it needs to be installed against a solid surface and done so carefully and by a professional. That being said natural stone will last many years and can give a really warm feel to a business.


Metal signs are becoming very old fashioned now. The traditional squeaky swinging sign over an old shop is really something we rarely see. The big issue with metal is corrosion. Over time the surface will become pitted and marked and if your business is anywhere near the sea it won’t last long at all! However, as with most materials metal does look different and for someone businesses, the corroded vintage look could be a positive.


Naturally, the colour of a sign is going to be largely dictated by the brand colours. However, in some cases due to the colour of the building or other tones around where the sign will sit another colour should be used. Yes, branding is important but not so important you have to have a horrible colour clash by the entrance to your business. Look at alternative colours that still allow the logo to work rather than forcing something like a pink sign over a red door. It is also important to understand how colours can make people react, this article offers some very useful insight into this –https://www.forbes.com/sites/amymorin/2014/02/04/how-to-use-color-psychology-to-give-your-business-an-edge/


Bigger is better!? Well in some cases yes. But signs should be seen but not noticed. The ideal situation is the people know where your business is because of the sign. They should also know which building they are going in because of the sign but they don’t stand there staring at the sign in awe. Also, very large signs can be costly to have made, they need special consideration when installing and if they get damaged can cost a lot to repair.

Whether you need a small sign to get next to your two-room office in a shared building or you are opening a brand new warehouse size shop, take some time to think about the sign, the material, the colours and the size. Get it right and you will not have to think about it again for years. Get it wrong and you may well be returning to your research within a year.