The impact COVID-19 has had on businesses across the globe runs deeper than just disruption to how they operate. It has also affected how a workforce views the approach their current employer takes to ensuring that their team is happy, comfortable and that their voice is heard within the business. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has hurt the wellbeing of employees.

As the world slowly returns to normal and some businesses are beginning to welcome back employees into the office, employers are looking for ways to increase the morale amongst their team after a difficult period. Here are a few steps you can implement to help increase the morale amongst all members of your team.

Support Them With Their Future

Over the past year, countless businesses had to, unfortunately, say goodbye to some of their staff, due to not having sufficient funding to help keep them on board. If you did not have to make that difficult call, you might consider ways to support your employees in the event of having to make a member of your team redundant in future.

Investing in outplacement services is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst employers, especially those looking for ways to create a safety net for their employees. Outplacement is a service that allows the employer to support their former employee with transitioning into a new role in their career. This could be by offering support with applications, CV and searching for roles. Fortunately, there are firms out there that provide support to businesses looking to invest in outplacement services, like Randstad RiseSmart, that will share their expertise.

Recognise Productive Employees

Celebrate the accomplishments of employees or the positive customer feedback they have received. Employees who feel as though they are being genuinely appreciated become more productive workers and feel as though they have more self-worth. If they receive positive recognition regularly, as an employer you will receive employees that have stronger engagement and higher productivity levels, as well as a more loyal workforce.

Be Open And Honest

If problems are occurring within the company, do not avoid conversations around the topic or hide that there is an issue. By remaining transparent, you can boost morale as your employees will respect that you have been honest in informing them of any problems within the company. In doing so, they can be working alongside you, searching for ways to resolve the issue at hand.

Additionally, if any changes are occurring within the business, keep your team updated. From new protocol, customer feedback, possible new systems, anything that will have a direct or indirect impact on how they work.

Boosting Morale Is An Ongoing Effort

Offering sweet treats and paying for the occasional lunch will certainly help to increase morale throughout the company, however, the delicious thank you will only create a temporary boost. Instead, investing in policies that show you genuinely care about your employees can help with increasing and maintaining morale throughout the company.

Regardless of whether an employee is working for you for five months or five years, providing them with ongoing support throughout their time with your firm, will be a quality they remember long after they have left. After a difficult year, showing your employees that you are willing to go above and beyond to boost their morale will be greatly appreciated.