The professionals from Double Glazing Bristol within Bristol give double glazing with various kinds of glass such as security glass which gives defense from hostility and could serve as a significant restraint from transgression and vandalism. When it comes to installing security glass other than safety glass, the British Standards association doesn’t have rules and regulations that must be followed. Potential danger is based on individual property assessment in conjunction with insurance provisions policy cover allowance.

How it usually works

Double Glazing Bristol are asked why double glazing is important and the reason is that it consists of two sheets or or more of PVB layers sandwiched in between others, security glass is usually coated with a thin layer of plastic (laminated). The entire construction is bound together through the use of pressure and heat, causing a total sticking of glass and interlayer. In case of damage, window glass particles stay fastened to the plastic overlay making the broken window intact and strong to wait for replacement. Laminated security glass could placed on either the interior or exterior pane of a double glazing window, however, it should be employed with a proper framing system.
Laminated glass having various degrees of defense and security could be acquired through changing the thickness and / or number of every fire glass as well as interlayer. Security glass have many types of functions in giving protection; there may be different kinds of risks that it can protect, such as fire, earthquakes, breaking in, and so on. However, every protection has its own BS standard requirements that the security glass has to fulfill in order to be able to execute its role perfectly.

When security glazing is needed in windows and doors, what security advantage can you get from using Laminated Glass as opposed to conventional toughened glass?

Let’s examine the difference between these two glass types.
Laminated Glass. As already stated layered glass has the same strength as conventional glass, but it consists of two pieces of glass including a sandwich of the plastic interlayer. The difference is that there is no gap left for burglars to enter or cause dangerous pieces of glass to fall out when it is damaged, since the plastic interlayers keep the glass together. It is similar to the glass you see in windscreens of cars and shop fronts.
Toughened Glass. Hardened glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass and that gives it the added security advantage in addition, the broken glass pieces are not loose and don’t pose danger to residents of the house in the event of damage to the window. It’s the same glass that you will find in the phone boxes and bus stops where you may have seen it broken into small pieces on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. Standard annealed glass is the type of glass that does not require safety glazing and when it gets broken, the glass does not break into tiny pieces, but it gets shattered into rough medium sized pieces. There’s no need to change this type because the burglars would never attempt to gain entry through this type of glazing due to the danger of deep cuts. Double Glazing Bristol has been in the business of windows provision, installation and repairs in the industry for years in London and Home Counties have noted that most break ins are through French, Patio and back doors with easy hardened glass installations to break. Any place on the ground floor where protection glass is required, we now suggest that clients should have Laminated glass installed instead. It requires a thief seconds with just a single bang, no picking of locks, no constant sound, and no sharp uneven edges to get into toughened glass that you would obtain through basic annealed glass.
How do you know whether you have toughened or laminated glass? ( You would have to check the corners of the glass you are referring to for a kitemark that would indicate if it’s laminated or toughened glass or otherwise. Check out coated brand mark bs en 14449 for hardened glass and bs en 12150 for Double Glazing Bristol glasses.
Unless you look at the kitemark, improving your current installation of toughened glass without noticing any big difference is very easy and pocket friendly, because nothing else needs to change except the glass, which needs replacing; no doors or frames are replaced and nothing gets removed. Double Glazing Bristol in Bristol is keen on improving security and safety measures in homes, that is the reason you should all Double Glazing Bristol for free quote without obligation on installation of layered glass, contact us on phone number 0800 246 5843 or visit our website for further information.