The professionals at Double Glazing Isle of Wight in Isle of Wight are able to give you double glazing that can be arranged with many different kinds of glass. Security glass is also an option for double glazing feature which can gives you improved security because it does not break easily; in other words, it does not break easily and prevent vandalism or infraction. When it comes to installing security glass other than safety glass, the British Standards association doesn’t have rules and regulations that must be followed. Risk must take any insurance specifications into account and should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How it usually works

You might ask Double Glazing Isle of Wight why doulble glazing and the answer is that two or more sheets of coated glass with one or more PVB tightly slid in between make security glass. All of the components are joint together by being heated and pressurized which sticks all the elements of interlayer and glass together strongly. As you wait for a new window to be installed in the event that your current one has incurred damage, the window maintains its residual sturdiness because the glass shards are stuck to the plastic interlayer. Laminated security glass could placed on either the interior or exterior pane of a double glazing window, however, it should be employed with a proper framing system.
By having different depths and / or quantities of interlayer materials and fire glass, Laminated glasses that have varying protection and safety levels can be produced. Security glass that can be produced that can guard against several kinds of dangers by using it own set of BS standard regulations.

When security glazing is needed in windows and doors, what security advantage can you get from using Laminated Glass as opposed to conventional toughened glass?

First of all, we would discuss the distinction between the kinds.
Laminated Glass. Laminated glass is actually just as sturdy as common glass, nevertheless you can see the difference on its construction where it contains two pieces of glass that consists overlapping plastic interlayer. The difference is that there is no gap left for burglars to enter or cause dangerous pieces of glass to fall out when it is damaged, since the plastic interlayers keep the glass together. It is similar to the glass you see in windscreens of cars and shop fronts.
Toughened Glass. Toughened glass is 5 times stronger compared to the common glass. This strength makes it very hard for intruder to break in. When it gets broken, the glass will be shattered into small pieces so it will not be dangerous. It is the same glass you see within bus stops as well as telephone boxes wherein you must have watched it shattered to tiny fragments on the floor.
Standard Annealed Glass. When you need glass that shatters into spiky pieces or when protection glass in not needed, this kind of glasses is used. This kind of glazing will put any thief into the risk of getting badly injured, so they will not even think to try breaking in. however, it is almost impossible for them to get in with the risk that the glass put them into. Double Glazing Isle of Wight has been in the business of windows provision, installation and repairs in the industry for years in London and Home Counties have noted that most break ins are through French, Patio and back doors with easy hardened glass installations to break. Because of the increasing theft case, we suggest our customers to get laminated security glass installed in their house, especially on the entrance of the house on the lower floor. Thieves break through hardened glass window or doors in seconds to gain entrance into the house with no noise, no danger of sharp broken glass from hardened glass similar to standard strengthened glass.
How do you determine the type of glass that you have, whether it is toughened or laminated glass? ( Check out the corners for special brand mark indication showing the manufacturing glass material conforms to your requirement preference make of hardened glass or layered glass. The Kitemark for toughened glass is bs en 12150 and bs en 12150 for laminated glass What Assistance Do Your Require from Double Glazing Isle of Wight?
If your current glazing is toughened and you would want to enhance it it is directly a beneficial task of simply substituting the glass, no fresh frames or doors are required and there would be nothing impaired, actually the only method you will be able to know it is not the same is through checking at the kitemark. Double Glazing Isle of Wight in Isle of Wight cares about your safety at your property, so if you are interested in our laminated glass or even have several questions about our service, do not hesitate to contact Double Glazing Chelmsofrd on 0800 246 5843 or visit our website you will get a free quote from us, too when you reach to us.