It is always great when the place you work at is kept clean and well-maintained. Not only is it great in terms of just general cleanliness, but also for the productivity and reputation of the business.

One of the parts of the office that needs to receive regular cleaning is the windows. However, people may tend to neglect the importance of having their office windows cleaned professionally.

It is understandable that office windows are not exactly a priority in the workplace, but it is still important to clean. Keeping your office windows clean helps in making it last longer.

On that note, how do you go about making your office windows clean? Well, you first begin by getting yourself the right tools to do the job.

Use the right tools

Cleaning your windows is not all about cleaning with as many tools as possible. Instead, it’s all about having the right kind of tools to clean the windows thoroughly.

First, you need a tool that will help you wet your windows. The professionals use the squeegee t-bar to get that sparkly clean and shiny sheen on windows. Squeegee t-bars will also help remove the water from the window.

Second, you need the window cleaning solution of your choice. You can buy one from the store, or you can make one at home. As long as you aren’t conservative of the amount of cleaning solution that you spray onto your window, then you should be fine.

Lastly, you need a material that will dry out any excess moisture from your windows. The best tool for this is a reusable microfiber cloth. Don’t buy low-quality microfibre cloth so that you won’t leave behind lint on the windows.

Use the correct technique

According to MaidSailors, a trusted Office Cleaning Services New York provider, tools aren’t the only thing you need to make a squeaky clean window. It requires specific techniques to make it shine truly.

Luckily, it isn’t too hard to do. You only have to keep a few things in mind.

One, if you plan to clean your windows horizontally, then start from the left-topmost side moving to the right end. If you’re cleaning your office window vertically, then make sure you’re not pushing the dirty water into the already clean area.

Also, when you’re using your squeegee, make sure that you are continuous and steady with each stroke that you do. This way, there won’t be any leftover streaks or spots on the window that may be difficult to wipe away consistently.

Get rid of hard-water stains

Hard-water stains are caused by water going through either limestone or chalk materials. This type of stain can be tricky to remove but not too hard to do. There are many ways to get rid of hard-water stains.

The simplest homemade solution that you can do is mixing a solution made up of half white vinegar and half water. Pour this into a spray bottle so that it’s more convenient to get onto your office window.

Don’t rinse immediately. Wait for five to ten minutes before you rinse it off so that you’re sure you’re wiping away the harder-to-remove hard-water stains on your windows. Then, you can wash it and squeegee it away.

Try the newspaper trick

A classic window-cleaning technique is using newspaper instead of rags or cloth to wipe away windows. The newspaper technique has the reputation of providing streakless windows, but it does need a lot of elbow grease.

You only need to spray the cleaning solution and then wipe the area with a newspaper in circular motions. Until you are sure the dirt is removed, then you can wipe it away completely.

Clean the inside of your windows as well

You shouldn’t forget to clean the inside of your office windows as well. The steps to clean the inside of the window is similar to cleaning the outside of the office windows. Get the right tools and do the correct techniques.

However, make sure to wipe away excess water on the window sill using separate cloths or rags. When you do this, you help prevent damages from occurring onto your window frames.

Don’t forget about the window tracks

The window tracks are the dirt and other build-ups of material underneath the windows. These can be tricky to clean because how you clean your office window will depend on the dirt material you find in your window tracks.

It is vital that you don’t forget to clean the window tracks. Otherwise, you may find yourself exposed to drafts or mould growing on your window sill.

Wrap up

Cleaning your office windows don’t have to take too much time. However, the time and effort that you take to do so can make all that much difference into beautifying your office space.

Thus, next time you clean your office, or you hire professionals to clean it, don’t forget to get your windows in on the action too.