One of the most successful and well-known internet comedy brands has just launched a scholarship grant for a deserving college student. Ed Hemz, Marketing Director of Ownage Pranks, stated that Ownage Pranks will be providing a $1000 grant to a college student that they consider deserving.

Since its foundation, Ownage Pranks has been successfully amassing over 5 million subscribers on its Prank Call YouTube Channel, 2.4 Million Facebook Followers, and has accumulated over 1 Billion Video Views digitally. Established to bring smiles on people’s faces, it now has another goal — to help college students achieve their dream with little financial support.

Applications are now open for interested applicants. The closing deadline for the Spring Semester prank scholarship will close on the 31st of May with the winner being announced on the 30th of June. There is also a Fall Semester Scholarship which will close on the 31st of December with the winner getting announced on the 31st of January the following year. Ownage Pranks hope to make this a tradition and give out $1000-grants every semester.

Their scholarship appropriately titled “Make Us Laugh” will give an undergraduate student a little financial boost. Ed Hemze states that “Our passion at Ownage Pranks has always been about bringing laughs to other people, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to a students education, with a scholarship and potential internet fame. Our hope is that the money will provide a springboard for the success of the winners, both in their academic studies, but potentially in their comedy career.”

You can visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store for Ownage Pranks’ Free Prank Call App. With it, you can definitely be the ultimate prankster among your friends. Check out their Official Scholarship Page for more details.